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Paddinton Post Preschool Newsletter

January 2020
Little Paddington: Turf
Welcome to 2020!
The beginning of the preschool year promises to be a very
busy and thrilling time for all of us, both children and adults
alike. We would like to extend a warm and welcoming
hello, to theall our new members of the Paddington Family
and joyful welcome back, to all current students to thise
new year! We hope you and your child are, as excited as
we are, to start off an exciting year!
Chinese New Year
We will be celebrating Chinese New Year on the 23rd of January 2020, Thursday, 6pm to 7.30pm. All
parents and children are encouraged to come dressed in traditional Chinese costumes or in Red. The
children will be exploring the various facets of this traditional celebration, which that dates back to
3800 years. We will be learning more about the festival through dramatization of the legend. We
have lots of fun crafts, dance and cookery activities lined up for everyone! We are super stoked and
are looking forward to a fruitful celebration.
Important Dates and Holidays
➢ 1st January 2020- New Year’s Day
Public Holiday Closure
➢ Meet and Greet Tea Session with
your child’s teachers:
K1- 3rd January 2020
PG-6th January 2020
N1-7th January 2020
N2A-8th January 2020
N2B-9th January 2020
K2-10th January 2020
➢ Chinese New Year Celebrations –
23rd January
➢ Chinese New Year closure dates:
Upcoming Term
We will be kicking off the year by
learning all about how the human body
works, and our anatomy. The younger
ones will explore concepts like feelings,
my favourite things and my family.
➢ If you have moved or changed your
contact details, please do inform our
admin staff at our office of the
➢ If you wish to sign your child up for our
enrichment classes, please inform your
child’s teachers. The enrichment
classes are as follows:
Monday- Tiny Tots Football
Tuesday- 8th Note Music
Wednesday- Act3 Speech & Drama
Thursday- Impressionist Art Enrichment
School Excursion to KidStop @Science Centre!
Do look out for a circular with details on our first field trip
for the year. Children will be exploring the various set ups
in the ‘Supermarket’, ‘Rocket Construction’,
‘Construction Site’, and ‘Dino Dig Sandpit’. Along with
the circular, will be is a consent form and payment
details, for you to fill up and send back to us;, should you
wish for your child to participate in the excursion.
Parent Volunteers for
Mystery Readers & Cook
with Me!
Please let your child’s teachers know if you are free to
come in and read or conduct a cookery activity for your
child’s class. We value parent-school partnerships and
would love for you to be involved in your child’s learning.
Mystery Readers- You may choose to bring in a book or ask
your child’s teacher to help pick one out. The timing for
these sessions are: 10.30am or 3.30pm
Cookery- You may decide on any cookery activity to
conduct in your child’s class. We ask that you please be
mindful of being nut-free, and of other allergies. Do let us
know when you would like to come in. Please contact your
child’s teachers for the timing.
Events or Artworks of the Term
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you have any feedback or concerns.
We are reachable at 64630327 or email me at principal.turfclub@littlepaddington.com
Thank You!