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Technology Usage Policy

Legacy Christian Academy
Acceptable Use of Technology Policy
Student Name: ______________________________________________________
Legacy Christian Academy's mission is to educate our children through quality academics based
on Biblical foundations within a Christian family community. As members of the body of Christ,
we are stewards of God's provisions as we yield to the leadership of Jesus Christ. Legacy
Christian Academy expects the responsible, ethical, and legal use of the technology that God has
provided for our school. This acceptable use policy has been created in accordance with
Christian ethics and state and federal laws concerning the use of technology.
The Internet access available to the teachers and students offers a vast, diverse, and unique
resource. It is the intent of this agreement to instruct our students to explore, understand,
develop, and care for God's world. The Internet is a tool to be used to bring about growth,
knowledge, wisdom, and obedient service to God. Christian teachers and students must learn to
discern the world views represented on the Internet as they discuss world views in all subject
areas. Our instruction and guidelines are intended to promote student knowledge and wisdom in
use of technological resources like the Internet. Given that some of the material on the Internet
is not consistent with the educational goals of LCA, software safeguards, proper supervision by
teachers, and instruction of students will be priorities in using the Internet at LCA.
The use of the internet is a privilege. Inappropriate use will result in the cancellation of this
privilege. Students and Staff are expected to obey government laws and school rules when using
technology by:
observing all federal and state regulations concerning the transmission of materials over
the Internet
obeying all classroom or school rules concerning the use of any computer or the Internet
using computers and the Internet for educational purposes only
focusing on the educational task for which access to the computers was granted
not visiting any internet site which contains material of objectionable nature or that is not
consistent with the values of Legacy Christian Academy
Student & Parent Agreement
Student Section
I have read and understood the terms and conditions and agree to comply with them.
I, (please print name) ____________________________________ understand the above rules
and agree to conduct myself according to them.
Student Signature: _________________________________________ Date: _______________
Parent/Guardian Section
As parent or guardian of this student, I (please print name) __________________________have
read the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy.
I understand that this access is designed for educational purposes in line with the mission of
LCA. I hereby give permission to issue computer network and Internet access to my
Parent Signature: __________________________________________ Date: _______________