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The book review on David Nunan

The book review on David Nunan’s, The Learner-Centred Curriculum is reviewed in this
report. I have divided my comments into three sections; general considerations, content, and
overall evaluation.
I. General considerations
Overall, this book review is clear and on point. The relevant points are efficiently captured
and presented in the review. The introductory paragraph gives an interesting outlook to the
review by intriguing the readers to continue their reading. However, I feel certain areas
could do with some minor developments.
II. Content
In terms of organization of the review, when I got to the second paragraph beginning with,
‘Nunan considers his book……,’ I wondered how it served as the second paragraph. Can
you join the two for a better meaning? In addition, I think the paragraph preceding the
concluding paragraph could be joined with the fifth paragraph. Reasons being, as the third
paragraph explains the nature of the book with the fourth paragraph discussing some
weaknesses of the book, I feel it is better if the paragraph, ‘the uniqueness of the way how
data…’ could come before as strengths of the book, and the paragraph on weaknesses to
In terms of evidence, the reviewer has given enough supporting evidence in the second
paragraph on chapter analysis. However, I hope there may have been additional evidence
and points on the strengths and weaknesses. Wouldn’t your review look even better if you
added a few more?
In terms of sentence structure and word choice, I would like to make few suggestions. I
noticed an overuse of ‘and’ in the opening sentences of the introductory and concluding
paragraphs, you can use commas to avoid confusion and the clogging of sentences. I noticed
you have re-explained certain ideas ‘in other words,’ can you use an alternative way to
present that meaning in the same sentence to avoid repetition? I think you could use simpler
words like; necessary, important, and essential for the word ‘vital.’ When I read the
sentence, ‘on the other hand, the success….’ I felt the sentence needed restructuring. Recheck the chunks; ‘is mainly depend’ and ‘to be succeed.’ Your supporting sentence in the
concluding paragraph seems to explain many ideas together. If you could separate the
sentences it could avoid confusion. In addition, you could rephrase your sentences by
omitting ‘how’. For example, the sentence ‘…obtaining a general idea of how to plan,
implement’ could be altered to, ‘obtaining a general idea of planning, implementing….’
III. Overall evaluation
To sum up, this book review is well-reviewed and well-structured. I’m impressed by the
way each paragraph sticks to its main point while presenting the most important ideas. I also
like the way this review is designed to a certain word limit. It’s neither too long nor short.
It’s better to pay close attention on the use of article ‘the’ in your book review. There were
few grammatical errors which you’ll notice when you go through. I feel it is better to begin
your concluding paragraph with a transitional like; in conclusion, or to conclude. Don’t you
feel you could put the final comment of your book review in a much better way?
Best of luck