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Module 1 - Question Bank

Environmental sciences- Dr.S.Santhana Bosu
Fill in the blanks
1. „Environment‟ is derived from the French word „_______‟ which means to__________________.
2. United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), also referred to as “Earth
Summit” held at ___________, the Capital of ______, during ____________________.
3. The Atmosphere forms a distinctive protective layer about _______ thick around the earth.
4. Biological elements such as plants, animals, microorganisms and men constitute the ___________.
5. Oceans represent _____% of the earth‟s water.
Definition, scope
and importance
Write short answers
1. Define environment.
2. Environment studies is a multidisciplinary subject. How?
3. List down the four basic principles of ecology.
4. Write on the “Elements of environment”.
5. What is a Hydrosphere?
Environmental sciences- Dr.S.Santhana Bosu
Fill in the blanks:
1. India accounts for ______ of the world population, but with only ______ per cent of the land area.
2. The people must be acquainted with the methods to sustain and increase agricultural growth without
damaging the ___________.
3. _________ provide raw materials for construction of houses and for industries like paper and pulp
manufacturing, packaging, fire wood and fodder for people etc.
4. Out of the total _______ of land, only 266 mha possess any potential for production.
Public awareness
and challenges
5. We must recognize the role of the ___________ in restoring and conserving forests.
Write Short answers
1. What do you understand by population explosion ?
2. How the soil is affected by highly intensive agriculture?
3. Explain the important role played by forest on environment.
4. Write on the evils of urbanisation.
5. How do you make public awareness on environmental degradation ?