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AP Econ Summer

Economics is a way of looking at the world and making rational decisions based on costs and benefits.
Wondering How??
Read Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science by Charles Wheelan
As you read the book take notes that will help you answer some important questions and understand
economic concepts.
1. Choose any five different concepts (they should be from different chapters in the book) that the
author is trying to analyze.
 Understanding the examples used in the book try to relate these concepts to other situations
that you might have experienced, or read in the business/ economic news.
 Create a Poster, collage or a scrapbook related to your economic events.
 Be ready to discuss your work in class.
2. As you read the book, make a list of all the Nobel Prize winners mentioned
You will be graded on
 Content
 Application
 Presentation
 Creativity
This is due the first day of class.
Enjoy your summer!