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Privacy Should be a Reliable Guarantee

Privacy Should be a Reliable Guarantee
As technology grew over the past few centuries, everyone continued to grow more social
as new ways of communicating started developing. Then comes the internet in the late 1960’s,
which made connecting to areas around the world very simple. There is, however, a potential
danger in this way of connection where anyone’s information can be easily accessed by the
entire population at once. Even though numerous places on the internet have grown safer over
the past 50 years, there will always be hackers who will relentlessly attempt different approaches
to look at people’s secret information. To solve this worldwide problem, everyone using an
electronic device should receive a sophisticated account protection that only themselves, their
friends, parents, teachers, or anyone else they can trust, can access it through some type of secure
way. Additionally, the entire populous of the planet needs to use it and the system should be
reliable in all types of situations, so it would not cause major global conflicts. Furthermore, the
protection everyone would be using should be customizable to fit each of their privacy
expectations. There will still be, unfortunately, problems that will remain unsolvable until better
technology is invented.
Today’s internet has some privacy problems that are able to be fixed and there are others
that technology cannot address yet To address the solvable problems, all people who use a
device should receive a further amount of protection from their own respective national
government who is of course, using each province’s/state’s government to monitor all of the
devices their people are using. For instance, the protection electronic device users have is basic
in which nobody that doesn’t know the password to their account cannot access it, meaning that
if anyone catches a password being blurted out or being posted on a public website, there might
be a person who will enter the password and mess with the account. However, if there was a
higher level of protection available, those people and some less skilled hackers cannot access any
private information one might own.
Additionally, along the line of this new account protection, is a clearly obvious yet
unaddressed problem that should’ve been fixed years ago, which can lead to some very
catastrophic worldwide conflicts. That’s forcing everyone to not browse as a guest or otherwise
tell every “guest” website make it more secure, which only applies to some of the websites and
applications that let anyone choose to browse as a guest. Connected to this is the fact that
nobody’s account is able to be protected against all types of problematic situations of being in
danger, even the ones that sound too funny to be true. To illustrate, imagine someone browsing a
shopping website and then buys bubble gum each day for the next month. Then on each day of
this situation, they somehow get stolen and a few days later, the user reports the situation to their
police department who examine it and try to find the culprit, but they cannot pinpoint where
he/she is, so they send the information to every other police department in the state/province.
However, the others cannot pinpoint a suspect too, so they send their findings to the government
who review it and make the decision to send it to the “parliament” of the nation who send this to
their “spy agencies” who then actually pinpoint the criminal, arresting him/her. The crime
organization gets mad and contacts their government only if they know they’re on their side who
declares war causing a whole new epidemic. That’s not what anyone wants, even for the
government of the criminal organization. The biggest bank heist, which happened a few years
ago, was also achievable due to the national Indonesian bank’s lack of online security and the
correct timing of the United States and the Indonesian “weekend”.
Furthermore, this new protection should be customizable through account settings. This
would allow for very complicated entries and almost impenetrable accounts depending on the
user’s flexibility about changing the protection. The account can then only be accessed by the
government, but there will always be an enemy agent lurking around inside possibly every
national government, so the top spies will need to be distributed evenly amongst every nation’s
“government”. An example of needing a customizable protection is when there are usually two
groups of people who are flexible and inflexible in this world. The easygoing ones would like a
protection that does its job reliably while not having to change it as well as easily accessible to
his/her account, while the rigid ones are likely perfer multiple layer of complex protection that
only themselves can access. If both groups get the same protection, nothing is going to work out
unless both agree to a compromise, but use the exact same situation with most of the population
of the world and nothing works unless the protection can be customizable for each person’s
A big problem the world faces is the growing amount of publicity everyone is
experiencing. This can be fixed by giving everyone an account protection that only their trusted
ones can access by simply using a key to have to do a multitude of steps. This account
protection does not need to be perfect though. Additionally, it should be noted that everyone
should utilize this protection, meaning that it should be almost be reliable all the time to prevent
any major global conflict from happening. Furthermore to round everything off, the protection
should be customizable to everyone’s needs.