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Oracle Planning 2020
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Oracle - 1z0-1080-20
Question #:1
Which two are displayed on the user point of view bar within a financial report? Choose two.
A. Dimensions that are tagged as type Time
B. Dimensions that are tagged as type Account
C. Dimensions not defined in a row, column, or page
D. Dimensions in a row, column, or page that are flagged for the current point of view
Answer: C D
Question #:2
If the HSP_VIEW dimension exists in the cube, what feature has been enabled? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Rolling Forecast
B. Intercompany Eliminations
C. Multicurrency
D. Sandboxes
Answer: D
When a cube is enabled for sandboxes, the HSP_View dimension is created.
Question #:3
What would be the recommended module-based cube architecture for a company wanting to enable Financials
and Capital, as well as create a Detailed Sales Forecasting cube with complex allocations and
calculations, corresponding sales reporting cube, and consolidated reporting cube? (Choose the best answer.)
A. 3 BSO cubes (1 required for the modules +2 custom BSO cubes), 2 ASO cubes
B. 2 BSO cubes (1 required for the modules +1 custom BSO cubes), 2 ASO cubes
C. 3 custom BSO cubes, 2 ASO cubes
D. 3 BSO cubes (2 required for the modules +1 custom BSO cube), 2 ASO cubes
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Oracle - 1z0-1080-20
Answer: D
Question #:4
Which two tasks can be scheduled as a job in Planning? (Choose two.)
A. Import or export data
B. Create snapshots
C. Promote a Planning Unit
D. Execute Data Maps
Answer: A C
Question #:5
Which migration category is required to restore dimensional security? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Planning
B. Groups and Memberships
C. Reporting
D. Calculation Manager
Answer: B
Question #:6
Which three do you need to enable in order to perform indirect cash flow statement planning? (Choose three.)
A. Expense
B. Cash Flow Statement
C. Income Statement
D. Balance Sheet
E. Revenue
Answer: A B E
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Oracle - 1z0-1080-20
Question #:7
A company would like to configure Financials, Workforce, and Projects. They would like to plan and forecast
the Project dimension in Financials, as well as track employee utilization in Projects.
Which two actions must they take to ensure that the Project dimension is shared and the data integrated
correctly across all three modules? (Choose two.)
A. In Workforce, ensure that the granularity is at Employee or Employee and Job
B. In Financials, rename one of the custom dimensions to “Project” and enable it
C. In Projects, ensure that the Employee driver-based expense is enabled
D. In Workforce, rename one of the custom dimensions to “Project” and enable it
Answer: A D
Question #:8
What does a navigation flow allow you to do? Choose the best answer.
A. Promote a plan to your supervisor
B. Display report variances by geography
C. Run multiple business rules in a predetermined sequence
D. Customize the clusters and cards that a user can access
Answer: D
The Navigation Flow Designer enables you to customize the business process interface. For example, you can
change the names of the cards and clusters that display.
Question #:9
Which REST API method would be used to execute a job in Planning? (Choose the best answer.)
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Oracle - 1z0-1080-20
Answer: B
Question #:10
Which statement is true when executing a lifecycle management migration? Choose the best answer.
A. Restoring Essbase data from a snapshot will remove any data that doesn’t exist in the backup.
B. Importing Dimensions will remove members that do not exist in the snapshot.
C. Selected slices of data can be imported into Essbase.
D. All forms that do not exist in the snapshot will be deleted.
Answer: C
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