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Shopping List

Cambridge IGCSE® and Cambridge O Level Food & Nutrition
Cambridge International A Level Food Studies
Please follow these instructions carefully before completing the PDF Shopping List Preparation Sheet provided below.
This form is an interactive PDF and may be completed in one of three ways:
on-screen and then printed out
on-screen and then printed out; add any internally moderated marks by hand
printed out and completed on paper by hand
Additional copies of this form can be downloaded from the samples database www.cambridgeinternational.org/samples
Completing the Shopping List Preparation Sheet:
Complete the information included on the form.
The Shopping List Preparation Sheet should be submitted with the Choices and Recipes and Time Plan Preparation Sheets.
Mark any items brought from home on the Shopping List with a *.
Please keep a copy of each candidate’s Shopping List Preparation Sheet for your records.
External Moderation
A sample of candidates’ work must be submitted to Cambridge International for external moderation. Details of the work to be submitted may be found
by visiting the samples database at www.cambridgeinternational.org/samples. Teachers should work with their exams officer to make sure the correct
coursework is submitted along with the supporting forms according to the instructions in the Cambridge Handbook and syllabus.
Shopping List
Please select Syllabus and Component below
Please read previous printed instructions before completing this form.
Exam Series
Centre Number
Centre Name
Test Number
Examiner's Name
Candidate Number
Candidate Name
Eggs, milk and milk products
Fresh fish, meat and poultry
Sugars, cereals & cereal products
Canned, frozen & packet foods
Oils, fats & spreads
Condiments & spices
Mark with an asterisk * all items brought from home
Special equipment and/or serving dishes
Fruit and vegetables
Other ingredients