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CUT and fill questions

Question 2 (60 marks)
a) An area to the side of a constructed road will be shaped as an embankment with a design
slope of 1:2 (one vertical to 2 horizontal). Surveyors have surveyed the existing ground along
the sections A, B and C and provided ground elevations and offset distances.
The resulting cross-sections and a general view of the location are shown below:
Compute the cut/fill areas of the cross-sections and the volume of cut/fill required to create the
embankment using an appropriate method. Justify and explain why you chose the method for areas
and the method for volumes.
On completion of the earthworks, the senior engineer has asked you to compute the area of “antierosion matting” that will be required to cover the embankment. What area is needed?
Marking Scheme:
Calculation of area of cross-sections: 10 marks
Calculation of volume (embankment): 10 marks
Area coverage of embankment and checks: 10 marks