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Visual Literacy Questions- Comic Strip

Visual Literacy Activity 1
1. How does the cartoonist’s use of proxemics, show the relationship between the
two characters?
2. What words does the cartoonist use to show that the girl is interested in this
3. Look at the speech bubble and identify the part of speech in the word ‘you’d’.
Explain its purpose and rewrite the words in their complete form.
4. What message is the cartoonist sending to his readers?
5. Apart from the written language, how does the cartoonist emphasis his point
about younger generations?
6. If the girl did not have a cell-phone in her hand, how might this cartoon be a
comment on the Covid 19 pandemic?
Visual Literacy Activity 2
1. Describe what is happening in the cartoon?
2. What situation or event is occurring in the cartoon?
3. How does the cartoonist depict the spider’s confusion?
4. In what way is the phrase ‘web-designer’ ambiguous?
5. Identify the figure of speech used in the speech bubble.
6. Provide a title for the cartoon?
7. Imagine what the spider would say next. Write a short response to the interviewer’s