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blizzard bag 3 language arts

Blizzard Bag #3 CHARACTER
Read the passage then answer the questions that follow.
Science Class
When Donovan and Keisha arrived to Mr. Java's science class, they immediately
decided they would request to be lab partners for the semester. Keisha was always a
student who knew what she wanted and how she would achieve her goals. She was
known for being a "go-getter." Both Donovan and Keisha were honor students and wellbehaved; they were the epitome of high-achieving students. Their hard work would
certainly pay off by them being nominated for the science scholar program.
Throughout the semester, Donovan and Keisha successfully completed several
science labs together. One day though, Donovan was absent. Normally, Keisha would
not have been concerned about him not being in class, but today, their final lab
assignment which was worth 300 points was due. This assignment would determine
which students would surely clinch the nomination for the science scholar program, and
Donovan had all of their work! What will happen to my grade? What about the
nomination? Keisha nervously cried in her head. Students would not be allowed to turn
in their assignments late. Mr. Java had been very clear about that. So Keisha had a
choice to make: Would she take a risk of being disciplined for taking out her cell phone
to call Donovan?
Keisha secured a hall pass and quickly ran into the girl's bathroom. She began to
dial Donovan's number, the electronic notes of the dial pad piercing the silent air of the
room. As the phone began to ring, she heard four loud knocks on the bathroom stall
door—a teacher!
Moments later, Keisha found herself waiting in the principal's office, embarrassed
and ashamed. Only rowdy, unruly kids end up in the principal's office, she thought. I'm
not one of them! Principal Johnson was known for being a no-nonsense type of lady
who never pitied disorderly behavior. Now Keisha had no assignment and the promise
of disciplinary action—both of which would ruin her chances of being accepted into the
science program.
As Keisha sat down in the dreaded examination chair behind the principal's
closed door, Principal Johnson said, "I recognize you, young lady. But you're not a
regular in my office. I know you from… the honor student banquet! What in the world
are you doing here?"
Keisha's embarrassment melted into an outpouring of tears and frustration as
she told her story. Principal Johnson listened calmly and then said, "As you've no doubt
heard, Keisha, I'm not one for bending the rules. And using your cell phone at school is
very much against the rules! But your passion for science, for school, and for the
science scholar program leads me to believe that I should make an exception."
Keisha smiled with relief as Principal Johnson handed her a cell phone.
"Here, you can use mine. Just stay out of the bathroom!"
1. At the end of the story, Keisha is
A. disappointed.
B. relieved.
C. somber.
D. disgusted.
2. Why does Keisha choose to call Donovan on her cell phone?
A. Keisha misses Donovan when he is absent from school.
B. Donovan has told Keisha to call if she needs anything.
C. Keisha's teacher gives her permission to use her cell phone.
D. Keisha wants to get the assignment from Donovan.
3. When Principal Johnson addresses Keisha she is
A. indifferent.
B. spiteful.
C. aloof.
D. understanding.
14. In the story, Keisha is described as a "go-getter." Which of these other students in the
examples below would be a considered a "go-getter"?
A. Kevin, who always arrives to class on time and usually passes his Language Arts quizzes
B. Marcus, who hangs out with his friends after school on the days he doesn't have detention
Finney, who likes to watch television and spends most of his time playing video games on
the computer
Tiesha, who makes straight-As, is on the track team, and is drum major of the marching
5. According to the passage, Donovan and Keisha are the epitome of high-achieving students
A. they are athletes and academic scholars.
B. Mr. Java tutors them every day after school.
C. Principal Johnson recognizes them both.
D. they are both honor students and well-behaved.
6. Why is Keisha nervous in the middle of the story?
A. Donovan is absent and has the science lab assignment.
B. Mr. Java wants to give her disciplinary action for missing class.
C. Mr. Java threatens to give Donovan and Keisha a failing grade.
D. Donovan is missing and no one has seen him for days.
7. Which of the following is something Keisha might say to Donovan when she speaks to him on
the phone?
"Principal Johnson is too busy thinking about rules to care about what's best for her
"You are so selfish! You're trying to ruin my chance of being in the science scholar
C. "Are you okay? How could you miss school on such an important day?"
D. "I wasn't worried about our assignment since I knew we could turn it in late."
8. Why is Keisha embarrassed to be waiting in the principal's office?
A. She knows her parents will be upset if she talks to the principal.
B. She believes that only unruly kids go to the principal's office.
C. She will not be allowed to be in the science scholar program.
D. She is angry with Donovan for getting her in trouble with the principal.
9. Which best describes both Donovan and Keisha?
A. Both are nervous about their lab assignment.
B. Both are selected for the science scholar program.
C. Both have great grades in their classes.
D. Both are in trouble with Principal Johnson.
10. At the end of the passage, why does Principal Johnson decide to "make an exception"?
A. She appreciates Keisha's passion for education.
B. She is related to Donovan and Keisha.
C. Keisha becomes emotional and frustrated.
D. Keisha asks her mother to defend her actions.
Heyo House
by Joel Chandler Harris
One day, Brer Wolf got it into his mind that he could outsmart Brer Rabbit, which
was kinda strange, seeing as neither he, nor any other animal, had been able to do it
before. Anyway, when Miss Rabbit and her bunnies were out picking vegetables for
supper, Brer Wolf sneaked into their house and waited for Brer Rabbit to come home.
Brer Rabbit had pulled a lot of tricks on him. Brer Wolf knew that it was his chance to
pull a trick on Brer Rabbit.
After eating so many carrots, you know Brer Rabbit had pretty good eyesight. As
such, he always noticed when things were out of place. As he walked up to the house,
he noticed that the front door was slightly open. That was very unusual. He had been
married to Miss Rabbit for a long time, and she had never been in the habit of leaving
the front door open.
Brer Rabbit slowed his pace a little bit. He tiptoed into the house and began peeking
into corners, looking for anything unusual. He looked up the chimney, under the bed,
and through all the pots and pans. He didn’t find anything.
He started talking to himself, whispering, “I know somebody or something is in this
house. I just need to think of a way to get them to come out where I can see them.” Brer
Rabbit then paced around the house for a few minutes before he screamed, “Hello,
The house didn’t answer. Brer Rabbit continued pacing, and Brer Wolf, hiding in a
closet, became increasingly nervous. Brer Rabbit again screamed, “Hello, house! Aren’t
you gonna answer?” Brer Wolf stood in the closet wondering if the house wasn’t
answering because it knew he was in it. He decided that he would have to answer for
the house.
Brer Rabbit screamed once more, “Hello, house! Why aren’t you answering me? Did
you forget your manners?”
Brer Wolf, deepening his voice to sound like a house, responded, “Nope, I’m just a
little tired today.”
Brer Rabbit laughed and said, “Now, Brer Wolf, you know houses don’t talk, and if
they did, they wouldn’t sound like you! Now get out of here if you know what's good for
you!” And with that, a blushing Brer Wolf went home and began planning his next trick.
11. Which best describes how Brer Rabbit and Brer Wolf feel about each other?
A. Brer Rabbit and Brer Wolf do not like each other very much.
B. Brer Rabbit wants to be good friends with Brer Wolf.
C. Brer Wolf does not enjoy playing tricks on Brer Rabbit.
D. Brer Rabbit thinks that Brer Wolf is smarter than him.
Tomás missed his friend Franco terribly. He meant to call him after the band
competition in Spain, but he knew that Franco would be busy with basketball camp. The
time difference was another problem. With Tomás in Europe all summer and Franco in
the U.S., there was always a time difference of at least eight hours. While one was
awake, the other was sleeping. On many nights, Tomás would tap the valves of his
trumpet, playing in his head a song from his childhood. Just thinking about the song
made him feel like he was surrounded by friends and family.
Franco’s summer seemed like it would never end. He stayed so busy that he didn't
have time to miss Tomás. He was planning his sixteenth birthday party when he found
out that he would have to spend the last weeks of the summer with his father in
Bakersfield. This meant that he wouldn’t be able to pick up Tomás at the airport like
they had planned. It also messed up his plans for his back-to-school birthday party.
He had to call all of his friends to let them know of the party's new location. That's
when it hit him. He could make the party a welcome back/birthday party, and Tomás
would be totally surprised. He called Tomás' brother, Andrew, and made him promise
not to say anything to Tomás.
Tomás was shocked to see Andrew and not Franco when he got off the plane in
Fresno. He couldn't believe that Franco would leave him high and dry like that. He knew
that they hadn't spoken for most of the summer, but he had assumed that Franco and
he were still best friends.
When Tomás and Andrew arrived in Bakersfield, Tomás was confused and angry.
He looked at Andrew and said, "Can't we just go home? I'm exhausted."
"Not yet, I need to pick up something from this friend of mine," Andrew said as he
coaxed Tomás out of the car.
Tomás followed Andrew into a dark alleyway and to the gate of a backyard. As
Andrew opened the gate and nudged him through, the sounds of cheers and music
jolted Tomás awake. "Surprise!" a group of people screamed. As he looked around, he
saw many familiar faces and, finally, a giant banner that read "Welcome Home, Tomás!
. . . and Happy 16th Franco!" Then, he saw Franco. Tomás felt like he was home.
adapted from "About 8 Hours" by c.safos
12. Franco is portrayed as being
A. considerate.
B. mean.
C. uncaring
D. immature.
"Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents," grumbled Jo, lying on the rug.
"It's so dreadful to be poor!" sighed Meg, looking down at her old dress.
"I don't think it's fair for some girls to have plenty of pretty things, and other girls
nothing at all," added little Amy, with an injured sniff.
"We've got Father and Mother, and each other," said Beth contentedly from her
The four young faces on which the firelight shone brightened at the cheerful words,
but darkened again as Jo said sadly, "We haven't got Father, and shall not have him for
a long time." She didn't say "perhaps never," but each silently added it, thinking of
Father far away, where the fighting was.
from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
13. Based on the selection, which word best characterizes Jo?
A. excited
B. happy
C. negative
D. hopeful
14. Based on the selection, which word best characterizes Beth?
A. lonely
B. hopeful
C. sad
D. irritated