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Accessing Atlassian

Accessing Atlassian in
CloudShare – HTTP
Recorded Classes
This Recorded class includes the same content as Atlassian in-person classes, and you have
the option do the same labs. You can revisit the recorded content as often as you'd like for
30 days (from your date of purchase), and you can access a lab machine within the same 30day time period for up to 24 consecutive hours. The 24-hour clock starts once you activate
the lab machine. The labs shouldn’t take more than 3-4 hours, so plan well. Lab time can’t
be extended.
This document describes how to access the CloudShare lab environment to perform the
hands-on exercises, as described in the Atlassian lab workbook. These instructions are
specifically written for students accessing a Recorded Class.
You must be connected to high-speed Internet
Your network must be able to access to public websites like Yahoo.com or CNN.com
You must use a current version of one of these web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, or
Safari. Regardless of version, Internet Explorer may not work.
You must be able to access the JIRA login screen using this URL:
http://uvo1xcxqp0urd769yca.env.cloudshare.com:8080/jira or Confluence URL
If you don’t see the JIRA or Confluence login screen in the last step, review the
Troubleshooting section at the end of this document, and then contact us if you
continue to have problems.
If you’re unsuccessful after following the directions in this document, feel free to email to
us at [email protected] If the issue is related to CloudShare, contact CloudShare at
(650) 331-3417 or [email protected] Be sure to mention “Atlassian”.
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Accessing Atlassian in Cloudshare
1. Receive Your CloudShare Credentials
Shortly after your purchased the Recorded class, an email invitation from CloudShare
([email protected]) was sent to you. If you can’t find the email, look in your SPAM
folder or contact us at [email protected]
Sample invitation:
2. Start your CloudShare Lab Environment
Click the link (highlighted in the screenshot above) to start using the lab
environment. If this is the first time you’re accessing Atlassian’s CloudShare lab
environment, you’ll see the screen below, in which case, you’ll need to complete
the registration form.
NOTE: Remember the password you create in this process – you’ll need it later.
If you’ve already registered, you won’t see this screen. You’ll see the next screen.
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If you’ve accessed CloudShare using the same email address, you’ll see this screen.
To log in, enter your email address and password. If you’ve forgotten your
password, click “Can’t access your account?”
Environment is Loading and Configuring
Once authenticated, your environment will load and configure. NOTE: Please wait
10-15 minutes for the environment to complete load and configure. A counter
indicates the time remaining (see 2nd screenshot below).
VM is preparing
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Accessing Atlassian in Cloudshare
The VM is configuring
Start Using the Environment – It’s Ready!
Once the button appears, click “Start Using This Environment”
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3. Launch Atlassian Web Pages and get Lab Resource Files
The CloudShare VM Details screen appears:
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Accessing Atlassian in Cloudshare
Launch Atlassian
Click on JIRA (or Confluence – if it shows) to get to the JIRA or Confluence login
screen. The Login page appears as shown below. Please be patient, as the web server
loads pages for the first time, which can take 10-30 seconds.
You should see this Login Screen
Follow the directions in your lab workbook to complete the exercises
Access Lab Resource Files
Click the Lab File Resources link from the CloudShare VM Details screen (see
previous page). This page will appear:
Page 6
Some lab activities require you to upload pictures or documents or copy
and paste text. The files have extensions such as .JPG, .DOC, or .TXT
You can download these files from the Lab Resource Page
4. Troubleshoot the CloudShare Lab Environment
If you have problems accessing JIRA or Confluence, the issue may be on your end. Be sure your
network allows full access and that your browser is up to date. Your network may be blocking
access to CloudShare or you may be using an older or non-recommend browser. You should also
follow the tips below, but if none of them work, please contact us.
Troubleshooting tips
1. Disconnect from the VPN or Proxy server, since they could be blocking access
2. Connect to a different network, or connect to a different WiFi network (i.e., as guest)
3. Avoid using Internet Explorer; instead install a recent version of FireFox, Safari or Chrome
4. Reboot or Revert the CloudShare server – see the instructions below
5. If none of these suggestions work, please email us: [email protected]
Typical HTTP web access error:
Reboot the server (pls wait at least 5 minutes after system is up):
If no luck, plse email us at [email protected]
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