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Reading Strategies Checklist

Reading Strategies Checklist
Dr. Stephanie Lehrer / English as a Foreign Language / Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Do you…
Why is it helpful?
Why not?
preview texts (e.g., “read” the graphics such as charts, graphs and diagrams,
pictures and their captions, section subtitles, etc.) before starting to read?
predict what will come next, e.g.,new idea or continuation, main idea or example?
think about what reference words are referring to? It they some ones
try to guess word meanings from their prefixes / parts of speech / context? Or, do
you determine whether the word is positive or negative? Or just skip it?
identify definitions in context, e.g., “…, or” / “…, which” / between two commas
(…,…,…) and in parenthesis (…)?
recognize and understand the relationships of connecter words?
separate MIs (e.g., end of sentences, first/last sentences, connectors) from Ds?
annotate while you read?
reread sentences, paragraphs, sections?
pay attention to text structure/organization, or how the main ideas connect to one
another throughout the text?
How can you further improve your reading technique?