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argument essay

Effective education with fewer students
Nowadays, an educational center has more than 20 students in the classroom. Could the
number of students hinder the teaching and learning process in a classroom? According to
some studies, the number of students in the classroom influences student learning.
On the other hand, the lack of a trained teacher and the classroom infrastructure limits and
negatively influences the learning of each student, therefore it is not feasible to double the
number of students.
On the contrary, the international average indicates and shows Finland who is a country
that has ten students per teacher, a strategy that has successfully worked in its educational
system, thus, it would be good if the government implemented it.
All things considered, the teaching and learning process takes time, which could decrease
as the number of students increases. This means that each student must be listened to.
Finally, having a large number of students in the classroom slows down the teaching and
learning process. To double the number of students, it would be necessary to hire an auxiliary
teacher for quality education.