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Digital Economy offers opportunities & Challenges
Unorganized Data – 80% by 2025 as per IDC
Organized Data
There is around 40 Trillions gigabytes of data (40 Zigabytes of data in the world by 2020)
Digital & data are intertwined
Digital Economy is driven by Digital data (Organized
data and Unorganized data) and Digital platforms.
Unorganized data explosion creates huge challenges
Estimates of the size of the digital economy range from
4.5 to 15.5 per cent of world GDP
In 2018, digitally deliverable service exports amounted
to $2.9 trillion, or 50 per cent of global services exports
The growing power of digital platforms has global
Turning data into digital intelligence is the key to
Policies are needed to make the digital economy work
for the many, not just the few
Enhancing readiness to create and capture value
Need for robust policies for harnessing digital data
Acknowledge the need for speed, flexibility and
international support