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I, King Edward the III, am quite unimpressed. There is talk of a disease, a
pestilence is too farfetched to believe.
I received a letter from Baron Darcy de Knayth about a disease he
called ‘The Black Death’. His wife fell sick last week with a fever.
Apparently her skin grew black lumps, which the barber cut to try to
purify her blood. She was talking in tongues and talking about her
dead mother and suddenly died. All in a very quick period of less than
two nightfalls. She was a god fearing woman, may she rest in peace.
Some of the Lords to the south had complained that their peasants
were quickly dying due to a sickness we had never seen. They have
been concerned about the serfs not completing their responsibilities
and the lack of food for the coming winter. I will admit to not paying
much attention to these concerns, but now that a true believer had
died, I will need to consider if this illness is real.
Those peasants had better remember their place in our blessed
society. Without my protection, they would have nothing. My
knights and armies protect their way of living. It’s God’s will and I will
have to ensure they are still paying their tithes to the church as well
as fulfilling their expectations at the manors.
Perhaps I should organise a tournament to distract the people from
this discussion of the dead. While it is on, I can remind the people
that the Lord looks over us and that the Church will ensure that he
will watch over us and we will not suffer as long as we follow his
The knights need a change to practice their fighting skills. We have
not had a tournament since we returned from fighting the French in
battle. I’d best send a messenger to see if this ‘black death’ has
affected our holdings at Calais. After fulfilling God’s wishes and
taking over some of the French land, it would be a shame to lose it if
these suggestions are true. I was so successful in doing God’s work
that I was offered the role of Holy Roman Empire by the Church.
All this talk to death has made me nervous. I’d best send off the
messenger and after I complete the letter I think I will go hunting.
Christopher! Will you bring my quill and parchment please!