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Biology Sem1 TST 1.4.3

Test (TST):
Teacher-Scored Unit Test
Biology Sem 1
Points Possible: 50
Name: Bryce Lau
In this test you will apply what you have learned in the unit. Please answer the questions
below. Submit this to your teacher when you are done.
1. a) Throughout history, people have been studying the living and nonliving world. Name and
describe the formal procedure scientists use to study the world around them. (5 points)
b) Science has limits and cannot answer all questions. Define science, and then give an example
of a question that cannot be answered by science. (5 points)
2. Scientists have a great deal of responsibility. Why is it important for scientists to accurately
communicate their results to people? (5 points)
3. Complete the table below by filling in the blanks with the remaining steps of the scientific
method. (5 points)
4. Experiments that lead to new discoveries are peer-reviewed by other scientists. Peer review
helps determine two things. Name one of them. (5 points)
5. Matter is found throughout the universe. Is the food we eat considered new matter? Why or
why not? (5 points)
Application and Critical Thinking
6. Some students studied the effect of growing plants in acidic soil.
Indicate which of the following is being done in each student activity: stating the question or
problem, drawing a conclusion, forming a hypothesis, or conducting an experiment. (5 points)
Student Activity
What is Being
State, "Plants growing in acidic soil grow faster than the same kind
of plant in regular soil."
Forming a
Ask, "How does the acidity of soil affect plant growth?"
Two groups of plants of the same type and size are chosen. One
group is planted in regular soil. The other group is planted in soil
that is acidic. Observe the growth of the plants for three months.
Record the height of each plant growing in the acidic soil and each
plant growing in the normal soil.
State, "Since the plants in the more acidic soil did not grow as much
as the plants in the normal soil, we can conclude that acidic soil is
not good for growing plants of this type."
7. Describe two themes that connect all the information in biology. Use an example to help
explain each theme. (5 points)
8. Technology has affected society by causing radical changes in how people live. For example,
the use of pesticides has increased the amount of food available to people. Describe another
example of how technology has changed how people live. (5 points)
9. Technology can have both good and bad effects. Pesticides can make crops more resistant to
insects (good) but can harm humans if they are used improperly (bad). Give examples of both the
good and bad effects of a technological advancement. (5 points)
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