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Brochure for Home Owners

Smart Home System
Designed to make your life simpler
How it Works
Do it yourself/off Shelve
Visit our online store
Select product
Need more information on product?
Call help number or send email/chat
Select payment method.
Product will be delivered to you within the specified time.
Other Products
•Visit our online store
•Select Product.
•Call the help line to book appointment with our staff at your
•Our staff will help you understand the products/ solution
regarding your application.
•After fully understanding the product’s application,
•You will be given an order form
•After making your order the product / solution will be
delivered to you as agreed.
Building Projects (Home Automation)
•Visit our online store
•Select Product/solution
•Call the help line to book appointment with our staff at your
•Our staff will help you understand the products/ solution
regarding your application.
•We will give you a proposal on the solution, explaining
details on products, timelines, payments conditions and
•After fully understanding the product’s application,
•You will be given an intent letter,
•After Contract signing,
•We will give you a first draft design of your project.
•After adequate tweaking of design, we arrive at final design.
•Project commences according to timeline
Imagine the very best in comfort, security, design and energy efficiency for tomorrow’s
smart home, today. All the functions that can be controlled such as blinds, lighting,
heating, air-conditioning or door communication are designed to make your life simpler
and smarter.
Simple control
from a single
Smarter Home Functions
Our wide range of solutions offers you the
right choice of products to make your life
easier and safer.
Almost endless possibilities for
your comfort, safety and
energy efficiency.
Price and Performance
High performance systems offer you many
functions for a comparatively favourable price.
We care about your tomorrow, producing reliable
and sustainable products for a smarter and
safer life.
Via Smart Home switch
The classical operating mode to control your
Smart Home is the switch. The modern design of
our switches valorises every wall and the switches
impress with their pleasant looks and the
hard-wearing user interface. They are available in
different designs.
Via voice control
“Switch on the ceiling lamp in the
living room”.
The system answers: “Okay. The
ceiling light has been switched on.”
With the assistance of the
intelligent Amazon Alexa.
Via Cloud
With the aid of the app you gain access to your
Smart Home from anywhere. Simply log in to the
app, and then most functions can
be checked and controlled with the Smartphone
or tablet via Cloud while travelling.
Via Smart Home panel
The panel is configured with your personal
and controls all functions in your living area
from a central location on the wall. The touch
screen is easy and comfortable to operate by
swiping or tapping.
Video Door Phone
Always in control of your front door
See who is at the door
Open from inside the house
Use keys, Card & keypads to Open
Take pictures & Record Videos
Night vision camera
Automatic Gate Opener
Swing Gate Opener
Sliding Gate Opener
Open your gate using RF remote
Open from inside the house on the Touch Panel or use your smart phone
Use keys, Card & keypads to Open
Automatic Transfer Switch
Automatic & Manual Mode
Starts Generator and Change over
Stops Generator and Change Over
15KVA up to 1MVA Generator
Start Generator Remotely from
Smartphone or Touch panel
The easiest way to switch off
When intelligently networked, the energy potential is fully utilized: Our Smart Home systems
adapt the heating, lighting and blind control individually to your daily living habits and activate
them only when required.
Easy remote control
Always in the know about what is happening at home. Via app you can check at any time
whether all the windows are closed or if someone has forgotten to switch off the lights.
This makes it possible to maintain control - even while on holiday.
Home Cinema
From the simple control of lights and up to the perfect
cinema evening.
Cinema Acoustic Treatment
Cinema reclining seats
Projectors & Screen
AV receivers
Media Storage & Streaming
Heating and Air-conditioning
Our Smart Home devices
allow you to easily heat or
cool your home, for a perfect
room temperature.
Digital assistants
Integrate Amazon Echo into your
Smart Home and you will benefit
from even more comfortable
Comfort scenes
Always the right atmosphere
– combining and calling up
light, temperature and
position of the blinds
according whether and mood
Inverter & Solar Power
Cleaner Source of Energy
Reduced Energy Cost
Quite operation
Battery Status Monitoring
Automatic Generator Start when battery low
Home Security & Surveillance System
Stay relaxed whatever the distance.
Are all windows closed and have all lights been switched off? Our
Smart Home systems let you keep an eye on your home at all times
and reassure you on the move that everything is in top order at home.
See what the children are doing.
IP Cameras
Analogue HD Cameras
Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
GSM Alarm System
Fire Alarms
Smoke Detector
Heat Detectors
Remote camera Viewing
Remote Door Opening
Network Video Recorder
Motorized Blind & Curtain
Blind control
Automatically operated
roller blinds protect against harsh sun rays in the day,
while in the days with low sun intensity, blinds roll up for
harvesting natural light.
This is an ideal solution for hard to reach blinds and curtains
Multi room Audio
Your Music, Your Way, Take
Control with your phone or IR remote for
ultimate convenience
The newest in Wi-Fi streaming audio
Control the Airwaves at Home
Play synchronized audio in multiple rooms
for seamless listening.
Play any song to any single device or group
devices together.
Different users can control the audio source
for different devices
Curtains, Roller & Zebra Blinds,
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