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grade 6 reinforcement

Q1. The following pie chart ‘A’ shows the energy mix of Pakistan for the year 2013-14 and pie chart
‘B’ shows the proposed energy mix for the year 2025. Study the two pie charts and answer the given
2013-14 Energy Mix of Pakistan
Nuclear 2% 1% Coal 6%
Hydel 11%
Oil 33%
Gas 47%
2025 Proposed Energy Mix of Pakistan
Nuclear 8%
Renewable 10%
Coal 10%
Hydel 15 %
Gas Import 10%
Oil 20%
Gas Local 25%
What are the three major energy resources being used for generating
electricity in Pakistan.
a. Gas b. Oil c. Hydel
Pakistan future. Give one example to support this statement.
has the potential of using renewable energy resources for a sustainable
Renewable energy resources such as wind and solar energy are abundant
in Pakistan and show significant technical potential to meet energy needs
In 2013-14 the energy mix indicates more dependence on non-renewable
energy resources, whereas in 2025 the figure shows 10% dependence on
renewable energy
resource. What could be the reasons for this shift? Give at least two
It does not cause pollution b. It is sustainable or will not run out c. It is less