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Make sure to include an assessment as well.
Discuss the differences between the original lesson plan and the SIOP Lesson Plan.
I have attached an old lesson plan. I am sorry but I attached it prior to removing my student’s names and
can’t figure out how to delete that and re-submit.
I feel as though my language objective/goals are clearly stated in the IEP goals. I do feel that I could have
been more descriptive as to what activities I was providing. Again, my therapy groups are only 30
minutes so I don’t have a large amount of time. Typically my lesson plans can take 3-5 therapy sessions
to complete.
Each week I contact the teachers and get the curricular vocabulary they are using in class and apply that
to my lesson plans.
Curricular Vocabulary
Christina Waters, MA CCC-SLP
Therapy Goals:
-Students will ask and answer questions about material read and/or presented including:
a) making predictions
b) making inferences
c) sequencing events
d) finding evidence for responses in test using graphic organizers and familiar formats
-Students will understand and use curricular vocabulary and word relationships incorporating:
a) descriptors
b) base words and affixes
c) synonyms, antonyms, multiple meaning words, homophones
d) comparisons/contrasts
Prior Lesson:
Students will formulate more complex oral and written sentences using:
a) appropriate past and future verb tenses
b) subordinate phrases
c) noun plurals
d) subject-verb agreement
e) understanding and inserting more complex conventions, such as commas and quotation marks
f) using cues to reread and recheck meaning and grammar of written sentences
-Speaking, Listening and Reading: Students will take turns reading a short passage aloud,
relating to Volcanos (a topic recently discussed in their general education classroom). They will
ask and answer questions about the passage. Graphic organizers will be used to find evidence
for responses.
-Writing: Students will write out curricular vocabulary used within the passage, they will discuss
their definitions and then write them for these words
- Learning strategies: working together as a group to define vocabulary.
- A short information passage on Volcanos.
- Blank lined paper to record and define vocabulary
- Vocabulary review game. I have created a board game to increase vocabulary skills. The
students will spin and it can land on: spell it, say it 3 times, define, ask a friend to define it, ask a
friend to say it, draw it, act it out. We will play this game using the vocabulary learned from the
This is a typical language therapy lesson. I didn’t describe it efficiently in my original lesson plan.
By utilizing the SIOP format I was able to better explain my lesson.