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Reaction Paper about “Juana Change-Demokrasya”
The video entitled ‘Juana Change – Demokrasya’ speaks about the
reality of government today. I was overcome with mixed emotions because of
the truthfulness of the message of the video. I feel sad, disappointed, fooled
and betrayed. Really, the meaning of democracy has change over time. They
emphasizes that years ago democracy is a government of the people, by the
people and for the people. This only means that the people are the rulers of the
governments, we elect officials to be our voice, hear our sentiments and serve
us for the betterment of all. However, what really captures my attention is the
sudden change of the essence of democracy. From the true reason of it which
is about the welfare of the people, it seems like today’s political actions
separates its people to the opportunity they should have in the government.
Aside from this, buying votes become a massive step for other official to win a
spot on the government while other constituents were blinded by the amount of
money they can get. Lastly, we are being fooled by their promises of giving us a
better leader that can make our country progress and attain the ideal country
we all dream of having. It is sad but this is reality.
After watching the video I realized that the Rule of Law, our Basic Rights,
the Election, and the Division of Power in the government are some of the
elements of government given to all Filipinos for achieving their democracy. The
said elements were created and followed to balance the rights of each corner
of the society and to maintain the democratic status of the country. With these,
a country full of citizens who once struggled to find democracy may live their
lives freely and with discipline.