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What is Human Factors(Ergonomics)?
It is an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so
that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely.Ergonomics science
reduces discomfort.
What is Anthropometrics?
The scientific study of the measurements and proportions of the human body.
Anthropometric Feet Measurement Datas of Turkey
Average foot measurement (length) of men 26.5 cm according to anthropometric
data researches.
Average foot measurement (length) of women 24 cm according to anthropometric
data researches.
Before we started to design this product,we thought about “physically handicapped”
people especially who lost using their ability of arms or hands.This product helps the
people to open doors without using their hands.
This is consist of 3 basic components:
1)Door handle ring
2)Bonding stick
3)Foot pedal with spring system
User Guide:
First of all,the ring is fixed to door handle and the body of the pedal fastened up to
bottom of the door.
Working Mechanism:
By applying repulsion force to door handle,we get pressure on spring system and
through spring system door handle is pulled down.So door becomes open.
Using Fields:
We can choose as starting point internal areas but it can applied every building in
every area which has doors.
Measurement of product
Door height: 2150 mm
Door width: 670 mm
Door handle height: 1175 mm (Original height of door handle was arranged again
and because of the foot pedal angle,shifted up 100 mm).
Product height: 1175 mm
Foot pedal was designed according to geometrical special triangle rule known as
“15° - 75° - 90°.
A=80mm (Average height of between foot and ground with angle 15 degrees)
B=290mm (approximately)
C=310mm (approximately)
On the door handle,the length of between starting point and location of ring is
calculated 54mm .
The length of whole door handle is equal to 76mm.
The length of bonding stick is equal to 1175mm.
Material Types For Components of Product
Door Handle Ring: Plastic
Bonding Stick: PVC
Spring: Steel
Pedal: Plastic
Pedal Cover: Rubber
Properties of Materials
PVC: PVC is very dense compared to most plastics, readily available and
cheap. Rigid PVC is very hard, has extremely good tensile strength.
Steel: The most important properties of steel are great formability and durability,
good tensile and yield strength and good thermal conductivity. As well as these
important properties the most characteristic of the stainless steel properties is
its resistance to corrosion
Plastic(Polyethylen):Commonly used,well known,cheapest plastic type.Also
the level of elastical is very high.
Production Environment
First aim is using recyclable materials for producing.It can be produced in
small factories without using very complex machines.
Physiological Effects
This product is designed totally by using anthropometrical measurements of human
foot.During stepping,the angle of between ground and heel is approximately
15degrees and the height is 80mmWhile stepping on that pedal we use the same
movement and measurements are the same.So,it is suitable for human body.
Psycological Effects
It effects psycology in a good way.Think like that you are a handicap person that
doesn’t have arms or hands and you are living alone.If you buy that product and
implement on your doors in your living area,you can easily your life will be
easier.For that reason you will feel better and it effects your psycology in a good
Environmental Effects
During manufacturing this product commonly used “plastic” (for door handle
ring,bonding stick and pedal) and as known,plastic is not good for health also for
environment.Recycling plastic in natüre takes too much times.On the other hand
using plastic is cheaper.So we choosed those materials for producing.
Lack of Ergonomically Design
For this product,the height of foot pedal is close to ground so there can ocuurs a
problem for children.Such as;if you leave children alone in the room and you don’t
want them out.They can go out of the room by using that pedal.Because it is
reachable for them and they can easily use this.It can be dangerous.This is the lack of
our ergonomically design of our product.
Lack of Design Efficiency
Using plastic instead of carbon for reducing the cost therefore the durability and
fragility of material will be less than carbon form.