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2.3 Rearrange the words to form the correct question

Rearrange the words to form the correct question.
Don’t forget to add commas if necessary and question
marks at the end.
a-name your what’s please.
b-your me please address tell could you.
c-that how spell you do.
d-your me you would giving number mind phone.
e-that repeat me for please.
f-I can help how you.
g-like Sir and time what would you.
h-6pm for ok is you.
i- telling would email your you me mind address Madame.
j-bank your details give card me.
k-know surname I please Sir may your.
l-slowly could that you again please say me for.
m-don’t English you understand I speak.
-Which questions are the most polite?
-Which are formal and which are more informal?
-How could you change the more informal questions to be more