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Airflow measurements Blue Bird South

Airflow measurements Blue Bird South
Airflow measurements taken from 18 garage door openings at Blue Bird north on July 3, 2019 utilizing
thermoanemometer model VelociCalc/Q-Track 7575. The garage door area ranged from 96 sf to 168 sf.
The range of airflow is 25 ft. /min at 4187 cfm to 359 ft. /min at 60266.68 cfm. The average airflow
ranges from 45 ft. /min at 7584.69 cfm to 349 ft. /min at 58668.70 cfm. 10 of the 18 garage door
openings had airflow entering the plant and 8 garage door openings had air flow exiting the plant giving
a percentage of 55.5 % air flow coming in and 44.4% of air flow going out.