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• After being in prison ,this
man cannot be find a job
• With no job, how will be
• Will you give him a
second chance to live a
clean life?
AL RADDA helps former
prisoners to find a job
and to be a part of family
and community life
• Many people stop using
drugs and live a clean life
is but they cannot find a
job because no one trust
• With no job how will
they live?
• Will you give them a
second chance?
ISHRAQ helps former
addicts to find a job and to
be a part family and
community life again.
• Traditional Emirati culture is
very important , and we
must have save it.
• Handicrafts bring beauty to
the world.
• Handicrafts tell a story.
• Handicrafts can be business
SOUGHA helps Emiratis to
turn their hobby into a
• People wheelchairs are
people too. They have
the right to work and
learn and play
• Many companies do
not know what they
need to do for an
employee with special
• Who will help them?
We donated 4000 AED to help special needs
We donated 3000 AED to help prisoners
We donated 2000 AED to help Crafters
We donated 3000 AED to help drug
& artisans
AMAL helps people
with special needs to
have great careers
Suggested captions:
People like us donate to charity.
The charity thinks about how to use the money to meet needs.
The charity sends professionals to help people.
People get stronger.
Those people donate to charity so they can help people