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The SUBWAY® chain offers
✔ Proven successful presence in businesses and
industry worldwide
✔ Trusted brand recognition
✔ Well-trained team striving to exceed
customers’ expectations
✔ Simple operations, no frying or grease
Caring about the health of customers shows
with the SUBWAY FRESH FIT™ meal that is
low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and is
trans fat free.
✔ Custom designed floor plans
✔ Support from headquarters, regional offices
and field staff
Your employees and customers want
Simple operations and flexibility
A SUBWAY® restaurant is a simple operation with
a versatile design that is adaptable to most any
space. Our design team can customize your floor
plan to maximize space efficiency.
Your customers want
✔ A quick, tasty and portable meal
✔ Attentive customer service
✔ A meal prepared just the way they want
✔ Fresh, healthier choices to eat right
Convenience for customers
✔ Affordable, value-focused menu
Your employees and visitors will enjoy the
convenience of having delicious and nutritious food
made fast. SUBWAY® sandwiches are portable and
are a great alternative to greasy fast food.
✔ National branded food options
Variety of menu items
You can show that you care about the employees in
your location by offering the new SUBWAY FRESH
FIT™ menu* that’s low in saturated fat and
cholesterol, and is trans fat free. SUBWAY®
sandwiches are made on a varied selection of
gourmet breads, baked daily, using only the freshest
ingredients. Delicious breakfast, pizza and snack
programs are also options in some areas. Catering
for meetings and special events is also an option.
SUBWAY® restaurant food includes
✔ Breakfast foods, fresh subs, pizzas, salads and
flatbread sandwiches made-to-order
✔ Flexible food options for multiple day-parts
✔ Gourmet breads, sauces and toppings
✔ National breakfast program and hot meals and subs
toasted to perfection
Strong operations
All owners undergo an intensive and thorough
training program to equip them with the skills
needed to run a SUBWAY® restaurant and serve
the customer. Local Development Agents help to
open stores and provide ongoing support to the
*The SUBWAY® franchise was ranked the number-one franchise in category in the 2011
Franchise 500® issue of Entrepreneur® magazine.
*SUBWAY FRESH FIT™ Menu is available in the US only.
Contact Dan Vermilya
1.800.888.4848x1313 or1.203.877.4281x1313
E-mail: Vermilya_D@subway.com
Or visit www.subway.com
Two SUBWAY® franchise options
1. Earn rental income by leasing space to
an experienced SUBWAY® franchisee
who will build, equip and operate the
2. You can become a SUBWAY® franchisee.
How does the SUBWAY® chain benefit you? SUBWAY restaurants in Business
✔ Experience
The SUBWAY® chain has more than 45 years experience
and is a proven leader in quick service restaurants.
✔ International brand recognition
No other submarine sandwich chain has a larger
global presence than SUBWAY® restaurants. Your
employees and visitors will recognize our familiar
✔ SUBWAY network of franchisees
SUBWAY® restaurants have experienced,
well-trained and dedicated franchise owners. Let one
of them take care of the food service so you don't
have to.
✔ Quality made-to-order product
SUBWAY® sandwiches are made with fresh
ingredients and freshly baked bread, emphasizing
quality and healthy choices yet providing quick meals.
Customer expectations are exceeded by
customizing each sandwich to the individual’s
needs and taste.
✔ Portability
Your employees and visitors can have a healthy meal
that is truly portable and will also benefit from fresh
made-to-order food that can be brought back to
work with them.
✔ Safety
The operation of the SUBWAY® restaurant does not
include frying, cooking, or grilling. The SUBWAY®
chain has a strict policy for cleanliness, food safety,
food quality, and has the highest standards in the
quick serve restaurant industry.
and Industry prove successful
When franchisees Rohit Aggarwal and
Amit Burman’s SUBWAY® store opened
in the Microsoft India Development Center,
it wasn’t long before representatives of the
nearby Infosys Technologies in Hyderabad, Andhra
Pradesh, India contacted DA Sandeep Shah about
developing a restaurant inside their corporate
building. “Infosys Technologies was eager to do
business with us after learning about our successful
partnership with Microsoft,” explained Amit. “Our
restaurant has been open less than a
month and we are already in talks with
Infosys Technologies about developing
10-12 additional SUBWAY® stores inside
their other corporate buildings.”
Rohit Aggarwal and Amit Burman
Microsoft India Development Center
MBC produces many dramas that are
popular throughout Asia and is one of
Korea’s major broadcast networks. Hyundai
Food Systems, a major cafeteria food service
operator in Korea, wanted to add variety and
uniqueness to the MBC broadcast house cafeteria where
they are the food service provider, and chose the
SUBWAY® franchise. Their SUBWAY® operation is now
the most popular choice in the cafeteria. A SUBWAY®
restaurant is an excellent choice for a Business and
Industry location, appealing to customers by
providing convenient and healthy food service
within large office buildings, manufacturing
facilities, or other employment centers.
Colin Clark, SUBWAY® ADM - South Korea
Contact Dan Vermilya
1.800.888.4848x1313 or 1.203.877.4281x1313
E-mail: Vermilya_D@subway.com
Or visit www.subway.com
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