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TAG Lines King Lear

#8 Three Different TAG Lines
People believe that justice is something that is meant to be just and fair towards all
however, that is not the case in many instances. It is important for people to realize this in order
to understand that the world is not always just. In his play, “King Lear” William Shakespeare
uses shifting tones and descriptive imagery to trace how the characters in King Lear receive
varying levels of justice for their exorbitantly different crimes.
People rely on divine justice (commonly referred to as karma) to mete out the
punishments that people deserve for their wrong-doings. While this may seem like a reasonable
way to serve up righteousness, man must understand that it takes the perfect balance of both to
work properly and also that neither is perfect. In his play, “King Lear” William Shakespeare uses
verbal irony and dramatic diction to trace how each character is met with a certain type of
A person never truly gets what they deserve for their crimes; they are either over
punished or they simply receive no punishment. There is no true standard of justice met. In his
play, “King Lear” William Shakespeare uses shifting tones and dramatic irony to trace how those
whose actions were true throughout the play received a brand of justice that could more
accurately been called non-justice.