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Self-evaluation Writing Portfolio

Using your working folder and your portfolio, please answer the following
questions as thoroughly and specifically as possible. Please answer on a separate
piece of paper.
1. Number of pages of writing (rough draft and finished pieces):
2. Number of finished pieces of writing:
3. List all the kinds of writing you tried (essay, poetry, narrative, etc.) that
4. List all kinds of writing you tried that didn’t work:
5. List everything you are able to do (have learned) with respect to
• your writing process
• the content of your writing
• the mechanics of your writing
6. What are the three most important things you are able to do well as a
7. What are three things you wish you could do better as a writer?
8. What’s one kind of writing you never attempted that you’d like to try? Why
didn’t you try it?
9. Arrange all your finished pieces of writing in your portfolio from most
effective to least effective. Make sure all the rough drafts are stapled to the
back of the final drafts. Talk about the three pieces you ranked #1, #2, and
#3 in the following way:
o Title?
o What made you rank this piece in this order? Be specific with at least
three qualities.
o In what ways is this piece different from the others?
o As you wrote, what were some of the things you changed, or
decisions you made, from one draft to the next?
o What made you make those changes?
o Looking at your first draft and final draft of this piece, is there
anything you notice that shows how you changed as a writer? Or that
you are able to do that you never knew you could do?
10. Looking at your top three pieces and the piece you ranked least effective,
what do you notice? Be specific with at least three differences.
11. In the past year, how have you grown as a writer? What have you
discovered about yourself as a writer?
12. What has helped you the most with your writing?
13. List pieces you’ve written in other classes that you would choose to put in
your portfolio. How do these pieces show who you are as a writer in ways
other than what we do in English?
14. In what ways have you noticed your reading affecting your writing and/or
your writing affecting your reading?
15. List all the different kinds (genres) of books you read (biography, science
fiction, fantasy, poetry, realistic fiction, etc.)
16. List all of the books you ranked as a 5 on your reading list, by author and
title. Next to each of those titles, talk about the most significant things you
remember from each of those books.
17. In what ways have you improved as a speaker this year? How did that
happen? What would you like to be able to do as a speaker?
18. In what ways have you improved as a listener this year? How did that
happen? What would you like to be able to do better as a listener?
19. If you had to name one thing that I did that helped you the most as a writer,
reader, speaker, and/or listener in this classroom, what would that be?
20. If you had to write your own year-end report, what grade would you give
yourself in the following categories?