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İDE 152
Academic Reading & Writing II
Final Assignment
Name-Surname:_Gökhan Nedim GÜNAL______________________________
Please read each of the instruction given below carefully and thoroughly.
1. You are expected to write a well-organized and well-thought essay (NOT AN
OUTLINE) on the topic given below.
2. Word limitation: min. 500 words and max. 700 words.
3. Assignments MUST BE TYPED (NOT HANDWRITTEN) on this
template. DO NOT write your essays on another template or DO NOT
delete this page and more importantly DO NOT change the format of this
template. Typing format 11 font size, Garamond style, 1.15 line space. DO
NOT write in bold characters or underline any other sentences apart from the
thesis statement and controlling ideas. Please use this template (this file),
5. Your essays MUST involve as one (1) appropriately written introductory
paragraph (including a well-thought and well-designed thesis statement), least
three (3) body paragraphs (not 2 and not 4) and one (1) concluding paragraph.
6. Please write a well-thought and appropriate thesis statement. DO NOT
plagiarize. Use in-text citations correctly and prepare a list of references if
necessary (Use MLA and/or APA rules for in-text citations and the list of
7. Underline your thesis statements in the introductory paragraph and each topic
sentences in the body paragraphs.
8. If you need to use extra sources, please only use academic journal articles
and/or academic books (or book chapters) and cite them appropriately. Many
online resources are not considered academic resources. Please be careful while
choosing which sources you will use.
9. Write clearly, legibly, and in complete sentences. Use the English language
correctly. Unclear, incomplete, erroneous, irrelevant and/or meaningless
sentences will not be taken into consideration. Please give specific details
and/or refer to specific scenes while answering the questions given below. DO
NOT give irrelevant / inappropriate examples.
10. Assignments MUST BE UPLOADED on oys.akdeniz.edu.tr page. DO
NOT submit your assignments via e-mails and/or OBS messages. Please
upload your assignments in PDF format not in word format.
11. Comprehension of these instructions is a part of the final exam and thus it is
crucially important as violation of any of them will cost you points. Accordingly,
assignments violating these instructions (entirely or partly) will unfortunately get
lower grades.
İDE 152
Academic Reading & Writing II
Final Assignment
Topic: Discuss the cause(s) and effect(s) of online hate speech among young people.
Please write your Introductory Paragraph in this section
In this day and age, hate speech online is located at the concurrence of multiple dynamics:it is
the expression of conflicts between different groups within and across societies; it is a vivid
example of how technologies with a transformative potential such as Internet brings both
opportunities and challenges,and it implies complex balances between fundamental
rights and principles, including freedom of expression and the defense of human dignity.
Please write your 1st body paragraph in this section
Hate speech online is a problem that causes intolerance to other opinions. In a world in which
people express their ideas without compromising their location and identity, it’s unavoidable
that some will use this privilege to shun others. Moreover, those who deprive of education and
empathy tend to bear hostile feelings to opinions they don’t relate to themselves. In terms of
hate speeches present in online platforms, it often revolves around the political stances in which
the aggressor slurs the opposed idea and threatens the targeted individual just because of their
frame of mind. This kind of act leads to prejudices and alienation in the community. Lack of
understanding and reconciliation further causes violence, especially in the young population. For
example, politicians and their militants use social media for disdaining opposition and marking
certain groups of people as 'traitors'. Furthermore, conservative and fascist sides use religion as
their identity and call their opponents as ‘infidels’ which is another side of hate speech in online
media. All things considered, intolerance is a big reason for hatred and hostility in online
Please write your 2nd body paragraph in this section
Nowadays, sexual orientations are much more well-known than before. And with the usage
of internet, homophobic and misogynistic discourses are becoming a norm. The LGBTQ+
community had been excluded for a long time even before the internet. The conservative
movements that feeding from a patriarchal mindset target them as outsiders just because of
how they are and in return, we often see mistreatment and aggression against these people.
Some argue, many ‘marginal’ individuals experience attacks and insults in their real lives let
alone the harassment they receive in social media which causes depression and even suicide.
If we flip the coin, women also struggle with similar troubles from online platforms and
popular culture.
The objectification of the women demands them to act and look in a certain way. The ones
who are outside of the box are often ridiculed. For example; music videos, movies, and
social media
İDE 152
Academic Reading & Writing II
Final Assignment
often the reason of misogyny. They trivialize the women which leads to misogynistic
discourses. Weighing up both sides of the argument, the patriarchal mindset combining
with macho culture brings up most of the hate speeches we see in online platforms both
against marginalized communities and women.
Please write your 3rd body paragraph in this section
Last but not least, racial discrimination is heavily impacting the media outlet. People from
different colors, nationalities, and religions are targeted by narrow-minded. When it comes to
prejudices and offensive acts against colored people, it is clear that it evolves from multicultural
countries such as the United States of America and some of the European and Middle Eastern
countries such as France, Belgium, UK, Israel. Recently, The Black Lives Matters movement
erupted in the USA due to murders of several black people including George Floyd. Public
outcry and demonstrations not only started because of these murders, also because of racial
profiling. When it comes to hate speeches against people from certain religions like Islam, we
witness extreme militancy in online sites like Youtube. Commenters regularly target Muslims
and these actions even transform into atrocities just like in New Zealand, England, and the
United States. On the whole, we see the ugly side of humanity with multiculturalization and the
usage of the internet on a daily basis.
Please write your concluding paragraph body paragraph in this section
To sum up, we should respect different opinions even when we are safe and sound behind
our keyboards or phones. One should be aware that every act has dire consequences. Even if
we are an average straight & white female or male individual, the struggles of marginalized
people such as colored and gay have to be emphasized. Realizing the effect of hateful
discourses we see in online platforms, the seriousness of this new reality is of utmost