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Event update 1

The event that is being organized is a Casino Charity night where people will be paying an for
the entry passes, and they will be given play money or fake chips to play with. Once they run
out of the play, money more can be bought.
Who is hosting the event?
The Northwest foundation of research hosts the event.
Why are they hosting an event?
The event is hosted to raise funds to fight against Covid -19.
What are the (3) key indicators of a “successful” event?
The key Indicators are invaluable contacts, content client, and happy attendees.
Event Objectives, theme, style, and décor
The objective of the event is to raise money to fight the Covid-19 global pandemic. All the profits
will be donated to the cause. People can get dressed in vegas inspired outfits and go for the
glamorous looks of the past. The décor will be casino styled but not too fancy.
Date Selection
The charity casino night will be held on September 5th, Saturday, 2020. Keeping the current
circumstances in mind, a later date has been selected for the event.
What is your budget for this event?
The budget for this event is set at 12000 dollars with playing equipment, food, and beverage,
advertising, and venue main spending areas. It will be updated.
170 Dollars per table with the equipment and the dealer. Table not included. Approx 24 tables.
2600 dollars for the venue for 4 hours. Sponsors for 14 tables raised
2500 dollars for food and beverage. (includes beer and appetizers) dinner not included.
2500 for advertising. (These are just principal costs and they will be updated).
Where is the location of your event?
The location of the event is the Spokane convention center 334 W Spokane Falls Blvd, Spokane, WA
99201. The reason this location was selected is because of the ample space available required
for an event like this plus the ample parking space. A 25 table mixed casino night roughly
requires an approximate area of 1750 sq ft. Since the convention center has the required field, it
is the location we chose.
Have you done a virtual site inspection?
Yes, a virtual site inspection has been conducted.
What are your notes from the site inspection and/or talking with the venue's contact person?
The site has hosted events like this in the past and they also have equipment required to
organize and fulfill the event which in this case are going to be 6ft folding tables. The contact
person has verified that they have hosted similar events in the past and will be assiting in any
required arrangements.
Event Marketing
Event Brand Identity (Logo, Tag Line, graphic images to communicate event experience, brand
guidelines, etc.
The tag line for the even will be “Have a fun time and help fight Covid-19”.
How will we communicate the event and to whom? (Marketing Plan)
The event will be marketed to all the people living in the Spokane county and Coeur d’Alene.
The event will be marketed to the people above 21 that are of the legal age to participate.
As the event is announced a registration desk will e setup at the location where patrons can get
their passes from directly or they can buy the passes online directly from our website.
How will you use social channels to promote and capture event, etc.
Social media channels will be used to promote the event and the iHeart media that owns around
5-6 radio stations will be given two tickets to create a giveaway where they can promote the
event at the same time increase listeners on their stations with the giveaway. Other social
media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will be used to create pages and will be provided
with a direct link to our website for the users to book their passes. Also, ads will be given in the
local paper to increase awareness and participation for the event. (To be updated)
What is the guest Communication Plan
Once the guests have booked their passes for the night, they will be given a virtual pass that
they can print it themselves and bring it during the casino night for the entry. Guests will also
have the option of booking their passes directly at the convention center at getting them directly
from there.
Transportation Questions
Transportation will be one of the straightforward aspects of the event as the event is local but all
the passes that are booked online will also be provided with a copy of a personalized map from
their location to the convention center via google maps.
Guest Arrival
The event will start at 7pm. Most of the guests will arrive in their cars at the location, park and
then enter the venue.
Guest arrival check list
As the guests arrive, park their cars, and enter the venue, security personnel will be standing at
the entrance checking the passes and checking the necessary form of Id’s and then letting the
guests in. Once the guests arrive in the venue, a booth will be set up inside the site where they
can collect the fake money to gamble by presenting the passes at the booth. They can start
playing after that.
These are the initial stages of planning, and every aspect is being updated.