Eman Rashad- Teaching Practice ( C)

Teaching Practice
English language
Aynda Private Technical Institute
English Department
Second Stage
Group : C
Prepared by:
Eman R. muhammad
Supervised by:
Dr . Arif A. AL-Ashoor
My name is Eman Rashad Muhammad, today I would like to write down,
what I’ve experienced during the teaching practice in Saz School. In my point of
view, all students must try to do this work as his / her experience before
graduation. Because practical life is very different from theoretical learning.
During working on the journey of teaching in this school ( Saz Basic School ) for
about 30 days. I thought that teaching of learning process is very important work,
because l teaches the instructors of our society ( children ),
also l had an
opportunity to see such a good people I learned from the teachers' comment and
also from the students white heart.
I would like to talk about my works inside the school was amazing for me
because I attended one of the English teacher's lesson, which had a good teaching
method for explaining the subject to students, with a very good relationship with
students and he was a knowledgeable teacher. The most important thing that I
learned from this student and teacher, also teaching with motivation and creativity.
After that with the help of teachers and manager. they organized the
schedule for me, I started my teaching a ( 1/2/2020 ), usually l attended most of
teacher's lesson to get more information about teaching methods of classroom
The new things that I added in the process of learning in those classes that I
toughed them were:
1_ Using audio
2_ Dictation notebook
In my opinion the most important thing for learning a new language is "
tryng your ears listen to new languages and vocabulary ". I choose this school
because this school had a role in learning & developing most of students in our
area. It shows me a good example and the best place to teach children.
As we know good institution comes from good staff, most teachers in this
school had experience in their field. I saw a lot of drawing pictures and posters on
the school wall. Additionally, this school celebrates a lot of cultural festivals like
Kurdish cloth’s day, Kurdish flay day, Nawroz festival. It was just like free
teaching training for me, I cannot measure those achiehvements that I got from the
teacher’s experience and how can I mix the old fashion. Also, the important thing
that I learned was how can I made the students to become the center of learning
then I learned some managemant & organizing works.
During my first attendance with the English teacher I was surprised
because of two important reasons, I noticed that he didn’t use audio and dictation
notebook inside the class. These two things are very important in a teaching
process because all students get an equal chance to participate in the class and able
to learn actively. Also, it's very important for those students that they are shy.
Because audio didn’t tired from repetition, and they can write words instead of
My suggestion to school. In all aspects of life, there are pros and cones, I
saw a lot of positive attitudes in the school, but also there are some negative points,
The high number of students inside the class.
Strick and hard teachers “police”.
There were no any technological and students.
So I suggest to the manger and teachet to change their sryle to student
centered appioach in stead of using teacher centered appioach and I helped the
teachers to use technology and academic platform in the school or during teaching
\ learning process.
First week:
Like other firsts in my life, my first day as a teacher in primery school
classroom had me feeling excited and nervous in equal measure. However, I tried
not to worry too much and told myself that even the most seasoned teachers feel
apprehensive about meeting new students at the beginning of each school year.
For me, preparation is crucial. I spent a few days, developing resources and
planning my first week of lessons. Forward planning gives me a sense of
confidence and, in my opinion, is the key to success.
When I went to school in 1-2-2020, I started teaching but before I go to the
class I wrote my teaching plan to find out what I have to do inside the class? And
how it is going to be?
On the first day of term before the start of each lesson I would take a deep
breath, look around decorated classroom, double-check my lesson plans, and
remind myself of everything I’d done to get to where I was standing. It was time to
get the year off to a successful start!
My first day:
 I arrived early to welcome my pupils with a smiling face. They too are
nervous about starting with a new teacher seeing a happy face can
really make them feel more relaxed about their new experience.
 Welcome pupils into my classroom, inviting them to take a seat until I
established an effective seating plan for them.
 I Explained classroom rules and expectations.
 I dialed promptly with behavioral problems, applying sanctions where
necessary and following the school discipline procedures that are in
 Generate interest and enthusiasm by hinting at exciting new topics
that I planned to cover in the coming weeks.
 Lastly, I want to be myself! Let will let my passion and enthusiasm
for my subject shine through. I must be fully committed to making a
difference to the lives of kids. I don’t afraid to try new things to
promote pupil learning and improve pupil experience.
The next day I started teaching with my students. My students were different
from several levels there was a lot of intelligence, a middle level , low level
students . As soon as,during my teaching I tried to enhance the student's level to
higher level. Low level students developed to intermediate and intermediate
students raised their levels to excellent.
I asked teacher's book and audio from my professional teacher that he taught
this grade that I took, but I faced a lot of problems because he didn’t have teachers
book and audio, I was searched in online and I found links, I provided both it was
hard for me.
The important thing that the students liked so much was dividing the
whiteborde in to two sections. On one hand students that participated and on the
other hand with the name of students that are passive and they don’t want to
participate. I found out that this is a good way to encourage students to read more.
3rd . Feb. 2020
On the fourth day , the school administration gave me a weekly schedual, I
had one day off but I said it’s a good chance for me to go to school every day
because I want to learn from other teachers. So, I went the assistant manager and
told him that I could contions during my vacations , he was happily said: you can
able to attend the lectures of any teachers that you wanted.
Second week :
Sometimes I help the adminstrstion with the work of the administration and
most of the time I go to classes that their teacher didn’t come to the school and a
few extra lessons for me to fill in my time. The extra lesson was art that I took.
unfortunately I didn’t know anything about art but I practiced at home because of
the student's sake.
The most important point of the school was to ensure that the children did
not bored at school because the childeren's group monthely viseted the school that
the present games and songs for the stuents also they advice students with good
Third week
In agreement 25-2-2020 it was my last day at school , and the same day the
dear Dr. Aarif came to school and I was so happy to see him in my lesson.
At the end of my report , I was very sad that I was not able to complete my
time with my students .
Yours, Eman
31/5/ 2020