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PANDA Customer Reference
PANDA supplys chemical
tanker to National Chroline
Industries Co.,Ltd,the Top 1
chemical company in Jordan.
The top 1 beton&construction&transport
company in UAE,holds over 70 units of
PANAD made cement tanker.
In 2018,PANDA supplied 60sets of
trucks for PRIMEFUELS,which is the
top 1 fuel business player in Tanzania.
2015-2019,PANDA is one of the
main fuel tanker supplier of
Oilibya in Mali,Burkina
Faso,Cote D'ivoire
In 2014,Panda became the cement
transport vehicle supplier of
LafargeHolcim Middle American.
In 2011-2018,PANDA supplied kinds of
chemical liquid tanker to Du Pont
China,getting cnotinus good feedback
from customer.
PANDA made inox tanker for
transporting Jet-1 fuel for Total
in West Africa.
PANAD bulk powder tanker applied in
the Top 1 lime factory in UAE,for bulk
lime transporting.
PANDA is the biggest cement tanker
supplier of ENTER ENGINEERING,which
is the acclaimed leaders in the field of oil
and gas construction in Central Asia and
Russian Federation.