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Define 7 Steps in Program Development

Define 7 Steps in Program Development
1. Define the problem - All the factors like Input/output, processing requirement, memory
requirements, error handling, interfacing with other programs have to be taken into
consideration in this stage.
2. Outline the source - breaking down the problem into smaller steps to establish a solution
outline. The solution outline may include a hierarchy or structure chart.
3. Develop the outline into an algorithm - a set of precise steps that describes exactly the
tasks to be performed and the order in which they are carried out.
4. Test the algorithm - to identify major logic error early, so that they may be easily
5. Code the algorithm - start to code the program into your chosen programming language.
6. Run the program on the computer - this step is used test for syntax errors and logic errors
and may take multiple attempts for error to be reduced to a minimum.
7. Document and maintain the problem - documentation includes both external
documentation and internal documentations. Program maintenance refers to changes that
may need to be made to a program throughout its life.