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Chicken Wing Dissection Lab

Paper Towels
Dissecting Tray
Uncooked Chicken Wing
1. Put on goggles and gloves
2. Carefully extend the wing to find out how many major parts it has. Draw a diagram of the
external structure in the box below. Label the upper arm, lower arm, and wing tip.
1. Use scissors to remove the skin. Cut ​ONLY​ through the skin. ​CAUTION:​ cut away from
your body and classmates.
2. Examine the muscles, the bundles of pink
tissue around the bones. Find the two groups of
muscles in the upper arm. Hold the arm down at
the shoulder, and alternately pull on each muscle
group. Observe what happens.
3. Find the two groups of muscles in the lower arm. Hold down the arm at the elbow, and
alternatively pull on each muscle group. Draw a diagram of the wing’s muscles below.
4. Find the tendons-shiny white tissue at the ends of the muscles. Notice what parts the
tendons connect. Add to the diagram above.
5. Remove the muscles and tendons. Find the ligaments, which are the whitish
ribbon-shaped structures between bones. Add them to your diagram above.
6. Dispose of your chicken as directed by your teacher.
7. Throw away your gloves and wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20
Questions ​Answer these questions once you complete your dissection.
1. Observing
● How does a chicken wing move at the elbow?
How does the motion compare to how your elbow moves?
What type of joint is it?
Are the muscles smooth, cardiac or skeletal?