Nobel Death

By Gaby
Nobel Death
Jan. 5, 2019
The air was pure and the sky was clear. Trees were dancing as if they waved to
everyone who passed by. Birds flapped their wings rhythmically and sang beautiful songs of
Mother Nature. All was at peace. At least, until It was revealed… Once It was released
people got out of beds and busted out of their doors. Now chatter took over the beautiful singing
of the birds. People crowded the space and the sky instantly turned grey. “Did you hear?” “Can
you believe it?” Gossip contaminated the mouth of the citizens of Deluge Road in Stockholm.
“It's not possible.” The people crowded around the TV to see the news, they read the
magazines with the same news. It was everywhere: “New Life Longevity Pill has been invented
by Professors Swift and Finkelshuller!” People began to have deep thoughts, contemplating
about the kinds of things that could happen with this pill, good and bad. This may be the key to
immortality, who knows!? But one thing for sure was that Mrs. Quiet disagreed with the title.
Something seemed off to her, something was bugging her.
Jan. 6, 2019
The next day Gustav IV (King of Sweden) announced that there will be a small
ceremony for the Nobel Prize awards. Everyone in town was so excited for this event, They all
hoped that Professors Swift and Finkelshuller will be awarded for their great invention.
Professor Swift Collins was a fair skinned man who had a very arrogant feeling about himself. A
particularly notable feature is his squint. He has a square face, a straight nose, and angled lips.
His brown eyes are droopy and he has thin eyebrows. He has very short, curly, black hair which
is styled in a crew cut. Professor Swift was always known for being envious and
resentful. Professor Swift had another colleague as well - Professor Finkelshuller.
Professor Finkelshuller was a bit less bright than Professor Swift but he was just as
envious and jealous. Professor Finkelshuller, was a tall man with golden-brown skin and had a
powerful feeling about himself. He has a noticeable mark on his right hand which he got during
a silly accident many years ago. He has a triangular face with a pointed chin, a well-formed
nose, large ears and small lips. His brown eyes are close set, and he has neat eyebrows. He is
naturally bald, and he has stubble. Swift and Finkelshuller were colleagues... This is just the
beginning of the story because there is so much yet to come.
Dec. 28, 2004
My name is Stephan. I am 10 years old. My father, Professor Quiet died 4 months ago. I
live with my mother. One day, right after Christmas, we were sitting near the fireplace. Mother
made some tea, brought Christmas cookies left after Christmas Eve, sat down, and started to
tell me a story: “My dear Stephan, I have to tell you something. What happened to your dad is
something unspoken, except now. You are not permitted to speak about it outside of the house”.
She sighed and began: “Several years ago before your father’s death, he was trying to invent a
pill of life longevity. Every day I came to drop off food by his lab while the amount of papers and
lab records doubled. His lab was a mess, but he loved what he did. Whenever he made a new
discovery or an improvement with the pill he would write down all the information in his journals.
He always had his head stuck in a book, or would be focused on his cage of snakes which I
hated. To make his pill he would have to take the Vipera orlovi an exotic snake from Russia. He
used the venom from these snakes - the strongest venom known in the world - to isolate the
longevity molecule. He kept all his venomous snakes in a cage locked with a key. He had two
pairs of keys. One for him and another one he gave to his assistant, a young man, named
Richie Buckle. Buckle was a short and ambitious man. Unfortunately he wasn't as bright as your
father and many other scientists. The other two scientists who worked with your father were
Professor Finkelshuller and Professor Swift. They were sneaky and envious men. They were
jealous of your father and his great scientific accomplishments.” She paused and took a deep
breath. “A year later your father was found dead lying on the floor of his lab. When the police
entered you would never believe what they saw...”
“The lab looked like a mix between Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, the Zoo, the
chemistry lab and a medical office. There were cages with mice and snakes which your father
used to test the longevity pill. There were flasks, beakers, tubes, pipettes, heaters and spinners
which were used for chemical isolation of different compounds from the snakes’ venom. There
were syringes, surgical instruments, gauze, bandages, tons of little vials and bottles with
different chemicals, pills, medicine and G-d only knows what. There were some strange devices
which emitted strange light and sounds of different frequency and … it was a spooky
place. Your father was a tall man, with dark skin. He was always very quiet and meek, perfectly
fitting his name. Mother reached then showed me a picture of him. She continued: “He had long
eyelashes and short temper.” The man I saw had an oval face, a straight nose, and very thin
lips. His brown eyes were narrow and he had neat eyebrows. He had shoulder-length, straight,
black hair which was un-styled, and he had an impressive beard. He had toned arms, a slender
torso, and muscular legs. Some memories of him were coming back but everything was still a
blur. Mother proceeded: “He usually wore tacky clothes that were mostly white and poorly-fitting.
He always wore his aged lab coat that he received when he left the university.” Mother paused;
I could tell she missed him. It must have hurt to talk about him.”
She smiled and remembered… “He could work for 18-20 hours in a row without much
food or sleep. He was obsessed with his work and had little time to take care of himself. He was
dressed sloppily and I always tried to convince him to put on a clean shirt and clean socks. He
wore large spectacles and his hair was always a mess. He was bright and quick in mind and his
mediocre colleagues Professors Swift and Finkelshuller had difficulties following him. But he
was a genius with a very unorthodox and unconventional mode of thinking.”
“When they investigated his lab, they realized that all his journals and lab notes were
burned to ashes and nothing was saved. They couldn’t retrieve any information from your
father’s papers... They concluded that he might have spilled over a strong sulfuric acid, which
he used to extract the longevity molecules and that acid burned the papers completely. He was
a very careful man and the fact that he accidentally spilled the flask with the acid could have
meant that he was scared or surprised by something. What was even more astonishing was that
they found the cage of snakes left wide open”
“These were very dangerous snakes; their venom could kill the person instantly if they
bite. One miniscule drop will cause the person to suffocate, first having shortness of breath,
then being paralyzed from head to toes and after several minutes an imminent death. There
was no antidote or vaccine against this venom. The detectives concluded that the cage was
opened by someone and they escaped from it. They found two little holes on your father’s
neck and concluded that he was bitten by at least one of the snakes. Apparently, the detectives
thought he was doing experiments using the snakes and forgot to lock the cage. It was very
unusual for your father as although he had a mess in his lab, he was a very meticulous and
organized man. I couldn’t believe that he forgot to lock the cage. He was the only one in the lab
that night and the detectives were trying to find the keys from the cage but they were nowhere
to be found. The only other keys were with Mr. Buckle but he was home that night. So the
detectives concluded that your father misplaced the keys somewhere and left the lock open. All
scientific notes and papers were burned by a sulphuric acid which was spilled on a pile of
papers. There were only your father’s fingerprints on the bottle, so it was concluded that he
spilled the acid accidentally, maybe when the snake bit him. I asked the detectives to give me a
little corner of the lab notebook with an illegible writing, just to keep it as a memory. The case
was officially closed as a tragic accident, but I had my doubts. I suspected a foul game but I did
not say anything because I did not have any evidence. The only thing I knew is that both
Professor Swift and professor Finkelshiller were very jealous of your father’s discoveries and
wanted the credit for them, however they were not bright enough and your father did not trust
them to the fullest, keeping the most important scientific data to himself…”
One year later I was going through your father things in his desk and shelves and all of
the sudden a little box fell from the shelf in my hands. I opened it. And there they were - the
keys from the cage with the snakes....I realized that that tragic night he did not take them to the
lab, he left them at home either by accident or he was not planning to use snakes that night.
This struck me - it meant that he was not the one who opened the cage with the snakes. But
who did? Mr. Buckle, the only other one who had the keys claimed during interrogation that he
was in a bar that night and then went home. His wife confirmed that. What I did next
brought me to a conclusion that there was something wrong with Mr. Buckle’s testimony. I went
to the bar and showed the barmen Mr. Buckle’s picture. “Do you remember this man?” I Asked.
The barmen said: “Oh, I remember him very well. He comes here once in a while but I
remember how a year ago he came here very excited, ordered lots of drinks, got drunk and
started bragging that he will become very rich and very famous soon, that now everybody will
know how great of a scientist he is.” ”Do you remember what day it was?” I asked. ``I don’t
remember exactly but it was either late April or maybe middle May.
“Thoughts were racing through my mind. I realized that your father had died on May 13!
Another factor is that shortly after your father's death, professors Swift and Finkelshuller started
publishing papers on longevity pills disclosing a lot of information and data, claiming that they
generated these data after professor Quiet’s death. I knew something was off. For some reason
their research seemed very familiar. I realized that this was all the work and data of my
husband! I was the only one he would share his new discoveries with. The only other place this
information could have been found was in his journals. But the journals were burned. So where
did they get this data? I was sitting and thinking while looking at the little piece of paper, the only
piece which was left of your father's notes. Something alerted me about this piece. I took it in
my hands and looked at it in the light. It was an ordinary piece of printer paper, cheap cellulose
paper. But your father never used this type of paper. He liked the rice paper only and all his
journals, notes, and writings were ONLY on rice paper. This piece of paper was not a rice
paper, and thus it was not a piece from his notes or journals. A terrible thought crossed my
mind. The papers which were burned by sulphuric acid were not your father’s papers - it was
something else. So where were his real notes and journals? The only explanation I could find
was that the real papers and notes were stolen and the perpetrator or perpetrators burned some
irrelevant and not important papers to create the illusion that all your father’s scientific data was
lost. Again, I couldn't claim anything because it was only assumptions. But all the pieces fit
together: the different paper, the announcement by professors Swift and Finkelshuller of
scientific information which was known only to your father who kept it in his journals locked in
the safe, the keys which were left at home and never used by your father that night, the
bragging of Mr. Buckle about his rosy future the day your father died. I couldn’t say anything,
because people would think that I am blaming two famous scientists because of jealousy and
bitterness about my husband.”
I glanced at my mother and exhaled. I tried to take in all of what she said but it was too
much. I had mixed feelings, I felt furious, sad, disgusted, and most of all I felt vengeful. Mother
could see it through my eyes. “Never repeat what I told you to anyone; never mention it out of
the house.” She said sternly. “Did you hear me?” I nodded.
Jan 6, 2019
I pryed my eyes open. I got out of bed and ran to the newspaper. 10 days away... 10 days away
from what you may ask? The ceremony for the Nobel Prize winners is Jan. 16. Everybody knew
who the winner was going to be. The most popular invention this year was of course the
longevity pill made by Professors Swift and Finkelshuller. I left work and in the evening came
back to see the news on television, again the same longevity pill made by Swift and
Finkelshuller. I got ready for bed and listened to the radio but again “Longevity pill made by..”
You know what I am not even saying. Those names started getting louder and louder in my
head. Then I remembered. I remembered everything. I remembered what happened on May
13th 2004. I remembered what mother told me when I was 9 (approximately 16 years ago).
Those greedy scientists who hired the simpleton Mr. Buckle to kill my father, to open the cage of
snakes, and to steal all the information from his journals. I closed my eyes, I had a whole day
set for tomorrow to execute my plan. I knew exactly what had to be done.
Jan. 7 2019
That day I skipped work. I took a pencil and a piece of paper in my hands. I was
planning on getting revenge for what these people did to my father. The question is: “How do I
get revenge?” I tried to think of something but nothing came to my mind. I knew there were
millions of ways to do it but I couldn't think of one. Then suddenly an idea came to my mind and
I knew the perfect place to go. I didn't need to pack anything because everything was already
there. I started the engine of my car and drove a couple miles until I reached my destination. I
know you are wondering where I might be… I think you'll eventually find out. I walked several
blocks and reached a small and old-looking building. The words on a little shabby plaque were
blurred out. It looked deserted. I tried pushing the doors but they wouldn't budge. Could it really
be that old, I wondered? I walked the perimeter of the building until I saw a window which wasn't
boarded up. I tried prying it open but it was too heavy. Then I realized that the window wasn't
heavy and that a small twig was blocking the latch from opening and closing. I removed the
twig, opened the window and carefully slid in. There was complete darkness inside. Only a ray
of light entered the room through the small opening of the window. I still recognized every
corner of this place like the back of my hand. My father used to bring me here when I was a little
boy... I made my way to the original entrance. I tried to walk lightly on the floor boards. You can
never be too careful. Every step I took made a different creaking noise. I reached the boarded
up entrance and turned the light on. The room literally lit up and so did my mind. Everything
looked so dusty but fortunately nothing was out of place. I was ready to explore this lab. Unlike
my father, this time I was going to be very careful of who enters the lab. I was ready to
commence my plan...
I came to the lab with a pencil and a paper. The paper was the magazine from the
morning. This was the magazine where the Nobel Committee was preparing for a big reception
on the occasion of the Nobel Prize award ceremony. Then something caught my eye. There
was a catering and food service company listed hiring waiters, cooks, serving personnel and
helpers. I applied to be a waiter during the reception. I had an idea. All day I was exploring the
lab and what it had to give. Somehow I knew that Swift and Finkelshuller were going to win the
Nobel Prize. It was pretty obvious because they took my father’s brilliant work and turned it into
their own.
I went through my father's things which were left after his lab was shut down. I went to
the attic and roamed through his bottles, boxes, devices, instruments and other laboratory
equipment. In one of the boxes I found a little bottle, tightly closed with a screw-top cap. In neat
handwriting of my father, it was written“Vipera orlovi, venom fatale. Extremely dangerous!” And
next to it there was a symbol of a skull and two crossed bones. I took the bottle and hid it in my
bag. Then I found a machine, which was emitting a very high pitched and very strong
ultrasound. I turned it on, and turned it off immediately. The sound was so strong and terrible
that I almost lost my consciousness. The little manual enclosed with this machine was saying
that this is a very powerful generator which can change the toxic venom molecule to the
harmless compound which can be used as a base for longevity pill. I brought the machine down
to my car, cleaned it from dust and packed it in a food basket.
Jan. 16, 2019
The time has come. The day of the ceremony had finally arrived. Everyone came
dressed in their best. The women all wore beautiful gowns with glistening jewelry. For ladies,
being a guest at the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm gave pride. The variety of gowns that evening
was endless Accessories nicely rounded up the perfectly chosen gowns such as purses or
handbags, jewellery, and elegant shoes. Some women wore long gloves and a shawl. The men
wore traditionally black or dark-blue tuxedos. The complete formal outfit included a jacket and
dark trousers. I noticed that many men often wore trousers with silk stripes down the sides, a
bow tie, and usually a cummerbund.
The reception was scheduled for 8:00 in the evening immediately after the award
ceremony where in King Gustav IV would be presenting the winners with the Nobel Prize Medal,
the Diploma and a check for 1 million Swedish Kronas to the winners. The reception hall was
ready. The tables were decorated with fresh flower bouquets .There were many guests
expected to attend the reception. The guests had to pass through metal detectors so no
weapons could be brought. This was due to high security alert because many celebrities and
dignitaries were expected to attend. Cell phones were also forbidden, so guests had to leave
them at home or in their cars.
The auditorium was full to the fullest. Everyone was chatting and speculating as to who
would win the Nobel Prize. Many of the people had the same opinion. Gossipers filled the room
with curiosity: “I think Swift and Finkelshuller will win, it’s obvious!” “I think that longevity pill
project will definitely hit a home run!” Honestly I started getting sick and tired of it. All they could
talk about was the winners, of course from time to time the women would complement each
other on one another’s on her evening attire.
Then there were footsteps, at first a few people heard it, but then they got closer and
louder. There was a reason why this was so dramatic… A group of very serious and formally
dressed men and women appeared and took seats on the stage. These were members of the
famous and powerful Nobel Committee. Then a shadow appeared from behind the curtains. A
man was standing in front of the podium. I couldn’t see his facial features quite well because of
all the lights pointing straight at him but slowly they dimmed and revealed his face. He was an
average height man, with grey hair and a very thin face.
He came to the microphone and announced in a low voice: “Ladies and Gentlemen! His
Majesty the King Gustav IV and Her Majesty the Queen Marjorie, please rise”. The whole
auditorium rose and the music started playing. The side doors opened and the King and the
Queen entered and proceeded to the two large chairs positioned sideways in front of the
podium, so both people from the podium and from the audience could see the royal couple.
After they sat down the rest of the guests took their seats. The Chairman of the Nobel
Committee Professor Tubingen came to the podium. He put on his large oval glasses and read
from the sheet of paper in front of him. “Your Majesty, Members of the Nobel Committee, ladies
and gentlemen!. It’s my pleasure to present to you two outstanding scientists who were selected
as recipients of this year's Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine...”. He made a long pause.
The audience was silent, everyone waited catching their breath. It was as if time stopped. All of
their eyes were on Tubingen waiting for his lips to move. He continued “....Professor Gobble
Swift and Professor Dunce Finkelshuller, for their incredible discovery and development of the
Longevity Pill! Professors Swift and Finkelshuller are being awarded with the Nobel Prize Medal,
an Honorary Diploma and will share a reward of 1 million Swedish Kronas for their contribution
to science and medicine. His Majesty King Gustav IV will present the Medal and Nobel Diploma
to Professors Swift and Finkelshuller”. The whole audience got on their feet and greeted the
winners with a long standing ovation. The music played a waltz by Richard Strauss and the
atmosphere was filled with the glory of the moment. Professors Swift and Finkelshuller came to
the center of the podium and gently bowed to the audience. King Gustav IV stepped up to the
podium. The assistant handed to him a box with a Medal. The King took the Medal and put it
around the neck of Professor Swift who slightly bowed to make the King’s job easier. A
thundering ovation followed this gesture. Then the assistant handed the King the Diploma who
handed it to Professor Swift. Next, the same procedure was repeated for Professor
Finkelshuller. Everybody was standing and applauding. After the applause ended and the music
stopped playing, The King returned to his chair and the Chairman went to the podium again.
“And now you’re Majesty, ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of our winners, Professor Swift will
present a short talk describing their discovery and its importance”. He slightly motioned to me,
as a server, to come up and I brought a cup and a bottle of water which I placed at the edge of
the podium so. The presenter can drink if he needs to soften his throat.
Professor Swift took the microphone and started describing how he and Professor
Finkelshuller made their discovery, how hard they were working doing many experiments, how
their brilliant ideas helped them to create a longevity molecule and so on. He mentioned my
father’s name only once and even so, in passing mentioning that Professor Quiet was merely
helping them by handling the snakes and performing some not very important experiments
which they designed. It was an outrageous lie and I was boiling with rage. After Professor Swift
finished his speech full of lies and inaccuracies, there was again a standing ovation and music
played Verdi’s Triumphal March from Aida. During his speech Professor Swift drank water three
times from the cup which was next to him. Then the Chairman took the podium again. He said:
“And now, Your Majesty, ladies and gentlemen it’s my great pleasure to invite all the people who
received a red card to our private reception, to follow to the Great Hall where we will continue
this celebration, enjoying drinks, little hors d’oeuvres and dessert. You will have a chance to
converse with our awardees and with each other and also enjoy a little entertainment on a
dance floor. The reception starts in half an hour.
The Great Hall with the reception was held aglow. Elegant tables, each for a group of 10
people were arranged in the form of a chessboard. Tall curvy chairs made from the fine oak and
covered with silk drapes were arranged around the tables. The tables were elegantly adorned
with plates and cutlery and crystal glasses. There was a bouquet of beautiful wild flowers on
every table. The security personnel were spread across the reception hall and a large number of
waiters and waitresses in white jackets and black pants were roaming through the crowds
carrying numerous trays with food and drinks. I identified the table where Professors Swift,
Finkeshuller, Mr.Buckle, their wives and some close friends were about to be seated.
The food was delicious, they served everything, you name it! There were delicatessen
like black and red Caviar de Kalix sur lit de concombre, marinade de chou-rave, crème d’aneth,
sauce raifort and Lord only knows what else. Glasses were constantly filled with extravagant
wines by accommodating servants and waiters who were standing behind the guests ready to
fulfill their request instantly. From tabel 24: “Can I please have a refill of the Taittinger Folies de
la Marquetterie?” From table 52: “Ill take the Weingut Jurtschitsch 2017 Eiswein Grüner
Veltliner, it sounds good!” Frankly, I didn't even know how to pronounce half of those things.
As the guests chatted while sipping wine I was still focused on one table. Finkelsuhller
and Swift kept gloating about “their” discovery and how hard it was. Lies were flying out of their
mouths like moths. A security guard approached. He whispered something in Mr. Buckle’s ear
and Mr. Buckle then flashed an innocent smile back at the guard, nodded and stood up. He
excused himself from the table and walked away. The rest of the table acted as if everything
was normal and continued sipping their wine.
Fifteen minutes later Mr. Swift excused himself from the table and walked away, in the
direction of the restroom. A few minutes later the people at the table had peculiar looks on their
faces probably having a hunch that something was odd. Mrs. Swift asked: “Where is Mr. Buckle,
it's been fifteen minutes already.” A friend of Professor Finkelshuller also points out that
Professor Swift has been out for quite a long time. As time went by the guests started becoming
more curious by the second.
I thought this was the perfect time to approach them because their mind being
somewhere else would distract them from me. I came from the kitchen with their coffees
prepared. I had several small espressos laid out on a silver tray with a few sugar cubes. I
arrived at their table and nicely greeted them. I handed each person their coffee but when I
came to Professor Finkelsuhlluer to place his coffee on a table it slipped from my hands and
ended up on the floor. I quickly apologized and reassured him that another cup will be brought
by one of the staff. I could see that he was a little bit irritated. Another staff member quickly
came with a few paper towels to clean the floor next to the table. A few minutes later a waitress
brought a new cup of fresh coffee for Professor Finkelshuller. Next, Mrs. Swift once again brings
up the topic about her husband. She starts worrying and calls the security guard. “Hello sir, I
was wondering if you could please find my husband Professor Swift, I don't have a clue where
he is because he was going to the restroom but he still hasn't come back.” The guard nods and
heads for the restroom.
A few minutes later the guard comes back with a pale face, white like a spirit's hand.
“You look like you just saw a ghost.” Mrs. Swift giggled. Little did she know what he was about
to tell her. The guard could barely even utter a word. No words could come out of his mouth, his
lips and hands were trembling. He tried to speak but he kept choking up. The he cleared his
voice, “Mrs. Swift…” he paused looking down “...I'm sorry Madam to break it to you but your
husband is dead, I found him lying on the bathroom floor oddly with a puddle of water on his
jacket and a big bloody wound in his neck.” Mrs. Swift fell to the ground and fainted. Everyone
began getting out of their seats all rushing to Mrs. Swift and all were questioning what
happened. It was chaos. Everyone's faces were in awe about the news. People’s jaws dropped
and their hearts sank to the bottom of their chests. Professor Swift was dead.
While people were worrying about Professor Swift’s death it seemed like Finkelshuller
started getting a bit sweaty. He started trying to adjust and stretch his collar. Then he tried
unbuttoning his shirt a little bit. Next he started getting red like a tomato holding his chest, and
struggling to breathe. They immediately called the doctor for him and the doctor came. The
doctor examined him and surprisingly did not say anything. The guests wondered why he didn't
say anything because usually doctors always give feedback. Someone from the crowd shouted:
“So what's the verdict, doctor?” The doctor sat down and said calmly. “I'm afraid I don't know.
I'm not sure what is causing this overheating of the body. It could have been anything, maybe it
was a heart attack because he may have been overly stressed by the death of Professor Swift.”
The doctor notices that Professor Finkelshuller has stopped clasping his chest and now he is in
peace on the floor with his eyes shut tightly closed. Finkelshuller was dead.
Then with already all the chaos, piercing screams traveled through the room. It was the
scream of fear coming from a woman standing near the phone booth. Everyone followed the
sound and they were not ready for what they were about to see. The woman stood there
pointing at one of the phone booths. She couldn't move. Her face was frozen. It looked like she
was paralyzed from the neck down. She had the same facial expression as the security guard
who found Professor Swift. The crowd walked in slowly, preparing for what they were about to
witness. There he was. Mr. Buckle was leaning against the window of the phone booth with his
mouth and his eyes wide open. There was a mask of terror on his face. The phone’s receiver
was left hanging from its cord still beeping. People couldn't support themselves with their own
legs. Already several people have fainted and others just couldn't say a word. I mean can you
blame them? They just witnessed 3 murders in a row. It must have been horrific for them to
encounter the body. Someone called the police. The police squad headed by a detective, Mr.
Stew Gravy arrived. They started the investigation by questioning people and taking fingerprints
from everyone and everything.
But it was over. Everything was over. My father was avenged. Using a well thought
through plan I managed to vindicate my father’s enemies and murderers. The Nobel Prize which
they received through crime, deceit and lies turned for them to Nobel Death. I calculated
everything by minutes. I needed to lure Professor Swift to the restroom and to make sure he will
be going there every 15-20 minutes. I tainted his bottle with water with a water pill. He drank
from this bottle three times during his speech. Earlier in the morning, I broke a large piece of ice
from a freezer and carved it into a sharp peak with a sharp tip. I placed it back in the freezer
behind the frozen food to use later. The machine which my father used to produce ultrasound to
convert the venom into a harmless longevity pill, I brought in a food basket covered with food
several days ago and placed it in a small room next to the kitchen. Luckily, that room had a
phone. I positioned the machine next to the phone. When I called for Mr. Buckle and he came to
the phone asking “Hello” I turned the machine on. It produced a terribly high pitch sound of a
great intensity which killed Mr. Buckle instantly in a telephone booth. I pretended that I spilled
coffee when serving Professor Finkelshuler on purpose. I did it so another waitress could bring
him a new cup of fresh coffee. But I managed to swipe the bottom of that cup with venom before
the waitress poured coffee in it. The very same venom from those very same snakes which
killed my father. To avert suspicion I asked another waitress to bring the new coffee for
Professor Finkelshuller. When I saw that Professor Swift was not at the table, I knew right away
where he was and rushed to pick up my ice weapon and ran to the toilet. He was standing with
his back to me. I stabbed him in the neck, a piece of ice broke off and I threw it in the sink. It
melted almost instantly, that’s why the detective could not figure out where the weapon of
murder was and where the puddle of water on professor’s suit came from.
Meanwhile Finkelshuller had been poisoned with snake’s venom and was suffocating. It
coincided with the news of Professor Swift's death and people concluded that he died of a heart
attack caused by a strong psychological shock from Professor Swift's death. I knew that the
police detective would be collecting fingerprints from every person and from all objects - cups,
doors, handles, glasses, and phones; therefore I wisely attached small circles of scotch tape on
my fingertips so as not to leave fingerprints anywhere.
My father’s death was avenged. The mystery death of the Nobel Prize winners and their
associate was never solved. There was nothing else for me to do in this city. I packed my
suitcase, wrote a brief note to my mother and left the country for good. Now I live in Brazil, deep
in the Amazon jungles. I am a teacher in a small Indian village school teaching Indian kids
science. Maybe some of them will become great scientists with a more successful fate than my
father’s and maybe some of them will win the Nobel Prize in an honest and well deserved way...