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PART 1. Complete the following sentences.
1. __________________ is the most specific part of the scientific name of an organism
2. __________________ is the classification of living things
3. __________________ is used to identify and classify a living organism
4. __________________ is the largest group within a kingdom
5. __________________ is the kingdom in which organisms are unicellular and have
cell walls made up of peptidoglycan
PART 2. Answer the following questions.
1. Why was Linnaeus' system of taxonomy selected over previous systems?
2. What does the scientific name of an organism tell you about it?
3. List the taxonomic categories from the broadest to the most specific.
4. What is the purpose of a classification system?
5. Phylogeny is the evolutionary history of a group of organisms. What information do
taxonomists use to produce a phylogenetic tree?
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