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Summer of the Monkeys

Summer of the Monkeys
Summer of the Monkeys Projects
For final evaluation of Summer of the Monkeys, you must choose projects to add up to a
total of 30 points. Each project has different requirements and a different medium of
presentation (writing, drawing, display, oral presentation, etc.).
Creativity (10 Points)
Create a brochure or travel poster on the Ozark Mountains. Include sightseeing information;
describe the area and its history. Include suitable graphics.
Pretend you are a journalist working in the nearest city to the train accident. Write a
newspaper article (at least 2 paragraphs) about the train accident and the escape of the
monkeys. Include relevant details from the book.
Pretend to be the main character’s sister when she goes to have the operation on her leg.
Write a letter home. Have her describe the hospital and city where she is living. Also, have
her describe how she feels before and after she has her operation.
Select a scene from the book to illustrate or create a diorama. Write a paragraph describing
the scene you selected and why you selected it.
Create a book jacket. Include cover graphics, a summary of the book and about the author
Rewrite a portion of the story (up to 1 page in length) from the point of view of one of the
chimpanzees. Possible ideas to include how the chimp would describe discovering and
dismantling the traps, what it felt like during the storm, and reuniting with the trainer.
Write a children’s nonfiction book of at least 8 pages on monkeys. Include hand-drawn
Connect to the Story (10 points):
1. Daisy lives in “one of those girl kinds of worlds.” What does Jay Berry mean by this? Make a list of
examples from the text. Do you think there is a big difference in how girls and boys see the world? Write
a paragraph or make a Venn diagram to explain your answer.
2. Paragraph: Andrew Carnegie was one of the wealthiest men of his times due to his involvement in the
steel industry. He believed in contributing to the improvement of the world around him. In 1881 he gave
the first of many donations to build public libraries. From 1881 until his death in 1919 he was responsible
for building over 2,500 public libraries around the world. If you were able to give generously to improve
the world, what would you do?
3. Think about the importance of having dreams and setting goals for oneself. Identify a personal goal
that can be achieved through determination and hard work. Create a chart showing the goal and steps to
take to achieve the goal.
4. Wilson Rawls, the author of Summer of the Monkeys, makes great use of literary techniques, including:
Idioms (a group of words that don’t really mean what they say: example “His mother let out a quack that
must have scared the little one half to death.” ),
Alliteration (use of words containing the same letters, example: happy hunting),
Similes (comparisons that contain “like” or “as”: “as if he were walking on porcupines”),
Hyperbole (exaggeration for effect: “It’s a regular jungle down there in the bottoms.”)
Make a chart with at least 4 examples of each of these literary techniques from the text. Illustrate your
chart with sketches suggested by the phrases you selected.
Book Report Connected with Summer of the Monkeys
You are going to write a 5-paragraph essay on a topic related to Summer of the Monkeys. You may choose
a topic from the ones listed below, or you may ask teacher for approval to do another topic related to
Summer of the Monkeys. You will then find a nonfiction book (and other resources, including online
resources) on your topic.
1. Monkeys and apes. You may choose to research about monkeys and apes in general, or you may focus
on one particular species. Possible questions to research:
How do monkeys communicate?
Where do monkeys live? What types of food do they eat? What is the group life of monkeys like?
2. Blue-tick hounds. What is their breeding history? Describe the breed, personality and training. Why
are they called blue-tick? Include a picture or graphic.
3. Cherokees. The setting of the Summer of the Monkeys is “the Cherokee nation of Oklahoma.” Why was
Oklahoma called “the Cherokee Nation” if it was part of the United States? Research the history of the
Cherokee Nation. Include information on the Trail of Tears.
4. The history of the Red Cross. In Summer of the Monkeys, Jay Berry’s sister dresses up as a Red Cross
nurse and takes care of him and Rowdy to hilarious effect. Who founded the Red Cross, and when? What
inspired her to found the Red Cross? Try to find a picture of a Red Cross nurse to include in your report.
5. Circuses in the late 1800s. Select from these topics to research:
Animals used in circus acts
Life of a circus worker
Barnum and Bailey’s or Ringling Brother’s Circus