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Legal Research Assignment

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CLU-3M1 Assignment: Researching a Social/Legal Issue
Instructions: Please answer all four questions in complete sentences. Also, pay attention to
your spelling and grammar! For questions #2 and #3 make sure that you correctly cite the
sources that you have used in your answer (use APA format). Do not share your research,
your answers, or your personal opinions/thoughts with anyone else in your law class. If
you do, your actions will constitute plagiarism and if you are caught, all of the parties
involved will receive a mark of ZERO.
Choose a social/legal issue that was discussed in your textbook/in class or that you
have a general interest in. Once you have chosen your issue, use the textbook to
define all of the problems (social/legal) that are associated with your issue. (5
2. Once you have covered off the information provided in the textbook, you must do
some additional research on your issue in the library/computer lab. You will be
provided with two in-class work periods to do your research. You should be focusing
your research on whether or not there have been any improvements made within
Canadian society in terms of addressing the problems associated with your issue.
(10 marks)
3. Next, you should provide details in terms of what the Catholic perspective is on
your issue. You will probably need to do some independent research on this topic as
well. (5 marks)
4. Finally, you should prepare a list of solutions to the problems that you outlined.
These solutions should include both solutions that can be implemented on both a
societal and individual level. (5 marks)
5. Please include a “Works Cited” page (APA format) of the sources you cited within
your research paper.