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Listing Top Bitcoin Mining Hardware For 2020

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Listing Top Bitcoin Mining Hardware For
Do you know that your
bank account can be
badly affected by the
hardware front and
energy costs of Bitcoin
mining hardware? It is
possible when you
choose hardware that
cost you many expenses
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What Are Bitcoin Mining Hardware?
● Before we flock on to know about the top Bitcoin mining hardware for 2020,
let us help you in knowing about what is Bitcoin mining hardware. Well,
mining hardware is known to extreme special computers that are utilized for
mining Bitcoins.
● In today’s scenario, the ASIC industry seems to be much tougher and
challenging. The possibility of mining hardware depends upon the location
where there the electricity can be found to be cheap. When Bitcoin was
introduced by its founder Satoshi Nakamoto, then there was the intention of
getting it mined on the CPU of the computer.
Pangolin Whatsminer M3X
● Pangolin Whatsminer M3X is one of the top Bitcoin hardware for 2020. It
needs 2,050 watts of energy. This bitcoin miner hardware is efficient in
comprising a 12.5 hash rate per second.
● In comparison to its counterpart powerhouse hardware, M3X is very
affordable at $1,022. It helps in earning profits, as it comprises high energy
costs. If you have expertise in bitcoin mining having minimal electricity costs,
then this is the best reliable hardware to bet on.
Bitmain Antminer S9i
● Bitmain Antminer S9i is the best Bitcoin miner for 2020 and is much wellknown hardware throughout the world. This Bitcoin miner is sold to the
website of Bitmain. This hardware was released for a mere $499.
● It comprises 14 TH per second hash rate and consumes energy around
1,320. This proves its worth for being the top Bitcoin mining hardware. If you
are keen to earn profit whether being an experienced or intermediate, then
this bitcoin hardware will fulfil your financial wish.
Bitmain Antminer S7
● Joining the brigade of top Bitcoin mining hardware includes the name of
Bitmain Antminer S7. It is the hardware with low efficiency and a cheap cost
of $200.
● 4.73 is supposed to be its hash rate and 1293 is its energy consumption. But
if there is a rise in the price of Bitcoin, then you can access electricity at a
low cost. This makes it the best hardware choice for use.
Halong Mining DragonMint T1
● Among the bitcoin mining hardware, DragonMint T1 comprises 16 TH per
second as the highest hash rate. 1480 watts is its consumption of energy.
● It gets translated to 0.075 joules and is much effective and impactful mining
hardware. If you are interested in buying it, then it will charge you around
$2,729. It is all because of its rising demand.
Bitmain Antminer R4
● In terms of efficiency Bitmain’s Antminer R4 is just close behind the
Antminer S9i. This Bitcoin mining hardware consists of 8.7 TH per second
hash rate and 845 watts of energy consumption.
● Apart from it, Antminer R4 excels in functioning with no voice. So you can
prefer this hardware for your home. If you are eager to buy it from the
online portal, then it may cost you around $2,999. It is the best option if you
wish to make money at home.
Bitmain Antminer T9
● Even though it ranks among the top bitcoin mining hardware, but Antminer
T9 is not that much efficient and lacks behind to its competitor Antminer S9i.
● However, it promises reliability, which is why it is listed among the best
mining hardware. It fares better than Antminer S9i in high-quality chips and
is much steady and consumes less energy. This means it doesn’t burn so
● Avalon6 is known to be one of the Bitcoin mining hardware which is much
affordable at the price of $300 on the online portal. Although, this hardware
has a low efficiency but is easier to set up.
● It has a high consumption of energy which is supposed to be 1050 watts and
3.5 is known to be its hash rate per second. The use of Avalon6 is only
possible if the cost of your electricity is much cheaper. For beginners, it is
the best choice.
So these were those top Bitcoin mining hardware for 2020. You must
have read a lot about bitcoin mining and the process involved in it. But
today, you got to know about some top bitcoin mining hardware, which
you might be not aware of before. All these mining hardware are special
in their own features including their hash rate and energy consumption.
It dates back to the debut of Bitcoin when its founder came up with an
idea of mining it through the computer CPUs. Electricity here plays a
pivotal role.
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