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Informative Speech Outline

Terry Fann
Informative Speech Outline
1. Intro: Having worked in fast food for 4 years now I noticed something slowly change
from when I first started. Technology is affecting the way both retailers and customers
interact with each other. Things like mobile and online ordering are now common place
and retailers are creating their own apps with built in incentives to gain costumer
attention. So, I was curious as to how technology specifically affected consumer
behavior. What I found was that consumers do more browsing, have higher expectations
and do less travelling.
2. Body: A. Window shopping is often a phrase used to describe looking at multiple options
but not buying. With the rise of the internet spend more time browsing sites for deals.
According to a study done by the content delivery network Akami 40% of mobile users
leave a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
B. With the rise of technology as comes a change in what consumers expect.
Having the internet allows people to access information at will, so we expect things to be
fast. Remember that Akami statics from earlier? Going hand in hand with that one the
same study also showed that 47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or
less. With these increased expectations you can see retailers reacting. Sites like amazon
offering 2 or even same day shipping on products.
C. Speaking of shipping food is also now getting delivered in ways as well.
different services like uber eats and grub hub have been popping up lately,
catering to people who don’t want to cook but don’t feel like going out to a fast
food place for carryout, going a step beyond and making places that normally
wouldn’t deliver small quantities of food able to do so with taking up said stores
3. Conclusion: The rise of internet has brought about major change to how commerce works
for many people around the world. People now have access to many things that
previously would require long or short trips to see or get. People now can seek out
products from multiple vends, encouraging them to do more browsing. There