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BEOCEAN - Summary

Victor Martin López
My name is Víctor Martín I am currently studying DAM and I already have the title of
microcomputer systems and networks where I learned some programming languages
oriented to a web page like php or java script. I can also program in Java a great level
and I am learning. I can work as a group and alone and I will always try to do my best. I
can get to exercise the role of group leader and control the work rhythm.
The main computer skills I have obtained through studies of the higher degree of
Multiplatform Application Development. The project consists of creating an application
for yacht clubs, this application will have different sections, including being able to see
the weather and meteorological conditions so that the yacht club's sailors only by
entering the application can already get used to the idea of forecasting of time they have
either "gusts of wind, rain, sea currents ..." and if that day is good to go sailing or not,
also within the application we will create a reservation section where the different club
members can book different activities related to the sea and enjoy them, you can also
buy club clothes whether they are polo shirts, t-shirts, swimsuits ... we also want to
create a virtual card that allows club members to enter through their personalized card
(a card with a QR code).
The target audience is people who like to do maritime recreational activities on an
occasional or sporadic basis since the person who regularly performs these activities
will have their own boards and equipment. The monetization of the project would be
in reserves and advertising. We take a percentage of the reservations made and in
terms of advertising we will add events or promotions from the town or towns near
the yacht club. You could also do some collaboration with a brand that is related to the
subject and get to do raffles. This money would be destined to be able to pay a server,
the necessary material to program like computers and programmers.
The minimum objectives of the project are:
- Correct operation of the application, optimization and without bugs.
- Login and registration where users can register on their own and access their user
from the application.
- Equipment reservation systems or maritime activities with one-week view
- Schedules of the different activities.
We also have maximum goals:
-Show the user the weather conditions through the AEMET Open Data API.
- The user can request a bracelet to access the facilities.
- Modification of user data where you can put a photo, modify your email, change your
password and add a mobile phone which will notify you if you have upcoming
reservations by SMS.
The database and query storage system for databases will be with Google's Firebase
software and the language chosen to program the application will be react-native. The
choice of this programming language is because we want to make a hybrid application
with a custom design. React allows us to design our application with the design that we