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Top 5 Yoga Ashrams in the World

Top 5 Yoga Ashrams in the World
In today's life, all of us need some time to relax our body and mind. Yoga
is the best option for this purpose. Science has proven that yoga helps to
enhance your thinking ability, and to make yourself physically strong. But
what is the best place to learn Yoga? Always remember that choosing
the right place is the only way to learn the perfect methodology of Yoga.
I learnt yoga at Arhanta Yoga Ashram. Yoga ashrams are the centers that
have made by people who have years of experience in practicing Yoga.
However, not all yoga ashrams have such experienced staff and proper
facilities. Before you plan to join a yoga ashram, make sure that you have
the whole idea about their rules and regulations. If you are a smoker,
then ask yourself first if you can stop smoking for the few hours while
you are in the ashram. After having all the knowledge about these things,
join a yoga ashram.
To make sure that you choose the right ashram for practicing Yoga is to
choose from the top five yoga ashrams in the world. Following are the
top five yoga ashrams in the world:
Arhanta Yoga ashram, India
Mount Madonna Center in Watsonville, California
Shoshoni Yoga Retreat in Rollinsville, Colorado
Arhanta Yoga Ashram, Netherlands
Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York
Arhanta Yoga ashram, India
Arhanta Yoga Ashram is an international Yoga ashram. It has branches in
India and the Netherlands. In the list of top five yoga ashrams around the
world, it is at the top position. The reason for this is, India is the home
for Yoga practices, and it is the topmost yoga ashram in India. They have
combined the traditional teachings of Yoga with the modernism to
provide the best for their clients. In addition, India has opened its
borders for people around the world to come and learn Yoga.
Arhanta Yoga Ashram is providing a list of regular and online courses for
its clients around the globe. People come from different parts of the
world to India, just to join these Yoga classes. The Yoga courses in
Arhanta Yoga ashram are 50 hours course, 200 hours course, 300 hours
course, and 500 hours course. You can choose the course that is most
suitable for you. They have a very managed website, which has a
calendar on it so that you can get the idea about the starting and ending
dates of different classes, and you can also get the idea about the
available seats in those classes by visiting the calendar. In addition,
Arhanta yoga ashram is providing e-courses, which are: online yin
yoga, online prenatal Yoga, online Yoga, online Ayurveda course, online
Clinical Hypnotherapy Course.
Mount Madonna Center in Watsonville, California
The best thing about Mount Madonna Center in Watsonville is, it is
situated in the Forest of Santa Cruz Mountains. It is spread over 355 acres
of meadows and is popular for spiritual healing by performing Yoga. The
main purpose of this ashram is to provide peace to people by practicing
Yoga. The outside environment of this Yoga centre makes sure that
people enjoy the following benefits:
Improve the condition of lungs
When you exhale and inhale fresh air in an open yoga class, your lungs
will fill up with maximum fresh air, and it will release toxins and make
your lungs healthier than before.
A daily dose of vitamin D
Our body needs a daily dose of vitamin D, but due to our busy routines,
we can't consume enough dose of Vitamin D. Outdoor Yoga classes will
help you in maintaining a healthy quantity of vitamin D in your body due
to daily exposure of the sun.
Improves heart health due to dew drops
During Yoga, when your barefoot will touch the dewdrops, it will reduce
the level of stress in your mind and body. It is a scientifically proven fact.
As a result, your heart condition will improve.
Improves concentration
Practicing Yoga in an open-air environment will help you in establishing
a connection with yourself, and it will improve your concentration.
This yoga ashram is providing various yoga courses to its clients. One can
visit their site to view the classes schedule if he is willing to go to
Shoshoni Yoga Retreat in Rollinsville, Colorado
Shoshoni Yoga ashram is a residential ashram located outside the rush of
the country to enjoy the calmness and beauty of nature. If you are in
search of finding inner peace, it is one of the best options to go to
Shoshoni yoga ashram. You will feel the sound of water along with the
fresh breath of flowers while staying in this yoga ashram. This yoga
ashram is conducting regular events to make people aware of the
benefits of practicing Yoga. They provide different online and regular
training programs. Their courses include 200 hours and 300-hour training
programs. In addition, they provide different online yoga classes for
Hatha Yoga and ShambhavAnanda Yoga.
If you are in search of relaxing your mind and body, visit Shoshoni Yoga
ashram and book a slot there to stay some time and practice yoga.
Arhanta Yoga Ashram, Netherlands
We have talked above the Arhanta yoga ashram, India. It is the second
branch of that yoga ashram which is located in the Netherlands. The best
thing is, due to the best yoga practices of this ashram, it's both branches
at the top five list of yoga ashrams around the world. Arhanta Yoga
ashram has the best yoga trainers around the world. The reason is, they
have the main hub in India, which is the main hub of Yoga. After several
thousand years of meditation and yoga training, India has made its name
at the top of the list for providing the best yoga training to people of the
whole world.
In a place like the Netherlands, far away from India, you can enjoy the
Indian style and ambience. The best part is the most affordable prices.
Because India is a developing country, and Indians know the worth of
money. It is the reason that they don't cost much from people. If you are
in search of best ever yoga practices, visit the Arhanta yoga ashram to
fulfil your needs.
Ananda Ashram in Monroe, New York
Surrounded by nature on the mountains, Ananda yoga ashram is found.
To enjoy the classical Indian ambience in the place like New York is a
different and new scenario. As India is famous for Yoga practices and
Yoga teachers, Ananda yoga ashram also has a base, which meet
somewhere in India. This is the reason that people trust them by ignoring
other ashrams in New York city.
A residential yoga ashram provides daily and weekly yoga classes to
people. The best way to enjoy nature while staying between the woods
is to visit Ananda yoga ashram. In addition, they provide the Kathak
dance classes, which is very famous not only among Indians but among
people of the whole wide world.
Yoga workouts will not only stretch and strengthen your muscles, but it
will also increase the range of your motion. Although it not an aerobic
exercise but yoga workouts will also give you the additional benefits of
aerobic exercise. To make yourself physically and mentally fit, join the
Yoga classes in one of the top five Yoga ashrams in the world.