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Ahmed Siraj BBA B06 (OB Assignment)

Reflective Journal
Organizational Behavior
Bachelor of Business Administration , B06, Mi College
Ahmed Siraj
A situation in which you observed a group or team performing and how their behavior
relates to theories of organizational behavior.
‘We define motivation as the processes that account for an individual’s intensity, direction, and
persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. While general motivation is concerned with effort
toward any goal, we’ll narrow the focus to organizational goals in order to reflect our singular
interest in work-related behavior.’ (Robbins, 2015) I was able to correlate the most of the
activities I experienced below to motivation, as well as some other factors related to .
Health Protection Agency has declared a health alert at Maldives due to this coronavirus
pandemic. As a consequence people cannot come from the shops to purchase goods. Government
ordered shops to arrange for all orders to deliver services, and provided permits for the shops that
provide the service.
ABC Company has been given permission to give the customers delivery service. So, they have
to make arrangements for delivery service. So the company hired a total of 10 employees to
deliver the goods to the door steps. They also use their existing 07 staff to take orders and make
packing and ready for delivery of the goods.
They have worked as two teams. First team would work in the shop and have to take orders by
communicating with the clients. Because the products ordered may not be available at times or
the brand and type may not be available. They also need to clear some customer information as
they did not mention full item details in the order. So, they clear the order, get it ready, and mark
it with the address, customer name, and telephone number. They ought to make plans to deliver
first in priority. So the delivery team can come and pick up the package, and go fast.
Second team has to collect the ordered goods package from the shop and has to deliver it to the
door steps of the right customer.
They can't manage the work for the first week because there were so many orders, and also due
to various reasons. And they were getting complaints from customers that it took too long to get
goods. From the moment they receive an order they take an average of 04 hours to deliver an
Reflective Journal / Organizational Behavior
Ahmed Siraj, BBA B06
So the manager and supervisors met with both teams staff and took feedback on the work. This
reminded me of job satisfaction which these staffs have as they are motivated and working
towards a goal. They also came to know that there were not enough motor cycles for delivery
staffs, so that they arranged remaining. Staff also notified that masks and gloves are not suitable,
and that they have to use the same mask and gloves throughout the day.
After getting these feedbacks from staffs, they decided to make improvements they should make.
They provided sufficient motor cycles, as well as sufficient masks and gloves for the safety of
staff as the cases of corona virus in Male' are increasing. That made staffs feel safe and they are
taken care of by the company too. Also supervisors make sure the teams work together rather
than against one another. These both teams and supervisors were working together to achieve
their goal to get customer satisfaction and to provide better service.
The dedication and commitment of the groups reminded me that the group had a high level of
job engagement which resulted in the speedy execution of the required task. ‘Job engagement is
the investment of an employee’s physical, cognitive, and emotional energies into job
performance’. (Robbins, 2015)
They came to know they got a good result in it within a week. As it worked well, the goods can
now be delivered within a few minutes of order average delivery time now is 30 minutes from
the time they receive the order.
Staff were joyful and supportive when needed, which reminded me of the three components of a
team as per (Robbins, 2015), a common objective, coordinated effort and mutual accountability.
I noticed that they have most of the things which effective teams will have. Such as, they have
clear goals good communication, mutual trust, negotiating skills, unified commitment and also
effective leadership.
According to Douglas McGregor's Theory Y, ‘managers assume employees can view work as
being as natural as rest or play, and therefore the average person can learn to accept, and even
seek, responsibility’. (Robbins, 2015) The group could be classified as category Theory Y
because they worked according to the requirement, even as they worked, there was no supervisor
running around behind them. They appear to know their own tasks and those of their peers. At
the beginning and the end of the job their supervisor was seen, because there was no need to
Reflective Journal / Organizational Behavior
Ahmed Siraj, BBA B06
track the job.
‘Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are two methods that can help motivate’. (Robbins, 2015)
These involve money which I would like to consider as an intrinsic motivation for this particular
case because of the positive effect which took effect.
If I were managing the group, I would not make change on the way they worked, but I would
make some changes I would provide staffs with more incentives such as food packages for their
family, also masks, gloves and sanitizers. These things are much important in this situation of
pandemic and hence staffs will be motivated as we are taking care of them and their families.
‘Intrinsic motivation is what drives the Theory Y employees as per (Robbins, S. P., & Judge,
This will give them Job satisfaction, job protection and also staff encouragement, which will lead
to staff determination. I will also arrange their duties so that they can get off days, which will
make them motivated.
Reference List
Robbins, S. P. (2015). Organizational Behavior.
Reflective Journal / Organizational Behavior
Ahmed Siraj, BBA B06