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1. Who specifically is writing this letter?
Tom Walters, the School Council representative for Class 6M and the spokesperson for the council.
2. Who do you think Mr Wright could be? Why do you think this?
The head teacher of Forringdon Primary School. Tom mentions in paragraph 2 “your pupils” which
indicates Mr. Wright is the head of the school. Also, it is assumed that if the School Council wanted to
raise an issue/suggest an idea, this would automatically go to the head.
3. What was the principal issue raised at this meeting?
That there is a lack of playground equipment and toys.
4. What problems has this raised in the school?
That children have little to do and consequently tend to play running games which could lead to more
accidents due to the small space that they are allowed to play in.
5. Why do the council believe that new toys are a positive addition to the school playground
They will arouse interest and excitement in all pupils and make playtimes a more stimulating, inspiring
and enjoyable experience due to the variety of equipment available.
6. Do you think a “fun fair” fundraising event is a good idea? Give reasons for your answer.
Fun fair activities link themselves to the point of the cause –to provide toys and games in an outside
environment that are both stimulating and enjoyable. The idea of each class designing and running
their own stall encourages enterprising skills, thought and teamwork.
7. In paragraph four of the letter, Tom stresses further how serious the council are about this
issue. How is this shown?
He explains that the council have already looked into what playground equipment would be suitable for
their school and what they think should be bought by looking through educational catalogues and that
children have suggested ideas.
8. Tom ends his letter in a thoughtful and considerate way. How does he do this?
He politely asks Mr Wright to consider the School Council’s proposal. He requests, at a time that is
suitable to the head teacher, a meeting where they can discuss this issue and the possibility of holding
a fundraising event and the equipment the Council would like to purchase. He also considers the fact
that the head teacher will take time to read this letter and thanks him in advance for taking the time to
do so.
9. Note down three words or phrases from the text that indicate that this is a formal letter.
Some suggested examples: Dear Mr. Wright (formally addressed), I am writing to you, with this in
mind, concur, for your information, please find below, would very much appreciate, would take the
time to consider, I would be very grateful, at your earliest convenience, yours sincerely
10. Do you think Tom is persuasive in his letter to Mr Wright? Give a detailed explanation, quoting
from the letter where necessary, to support your answer.
Open answer but generally should agree that Tom’s letter is persuasive. He is polite and courteous
throughout. His explanations and reasons are explained clearly and convincingly as to why playground
equipment should be purchased –there is not enough, what there is broken/tired and children require
more stimulus in the playground. His explanation of how the School Council propose to raise funds to
buy this equipment is well explained and persuasive because it is a fun, school community event. He
supports the whole argument by saying that he already has a list of equipment that the Council would
like to purchase for the school and he would like to hold a meeting to show the head teacher this.