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Why should you study Yoga in India

Why should you study Yoga in India
Yoga originated from India around 6000 BC. The reason for its origin is
monks, who do meditation, and they need a fit and healthy body. If you
are the person who is looking for the country to study Yoga, India is the
ultimate answer. Different poses of Yoga help in treating different issues
in a human body, and India's yoga teachers are master in all Yoga
poses. Originally yoga was learnt at Yoga Ashrams in India. I studied yoga
at Arhanta Yoga Ashram in India.
There I learnt that you should perform Yoga on an empty stomach. The
reasons are:
Optimize your hormones
Build new muscles
Burn fat quickly
Improve performance
Optimize your hormones
Performing Yoga on an empty stomach will optimize your hormones and
help your body to work efficiently.
Build new muscles
Perform Yoga on an empty stomach; your body will build new muscles.
Burn fat quickly
When you perform Yoga on an empty stomach, your body will use its fat
for completing the need for energy, and hence your body fat will burn
Improve performance
Performing Yoga on an empty stomach will make you feel more energetic
and fresh, and hence it will improve your performance.
In addition, there is a huge list of reasons, why should you study Yoga in
India. Let's have a look at all of them.
Eight reasons why should you study Yoga in India
Some of the benefits are:
Traditional teachings
They welcome practitioners from all around the world.
You will have friends from all around the world.
Cheaper costs
Most accurate information
You can have the chance to visit historical places.
Good food and weather
Traditional teachings
As we have told above, India is the home of Yoga. For people who want
to study Yoga, there is no better place than India. Many thousands of
years ago, Indian monks had invented it to keep their bodies healthy and
strong. They do meditation, and hence they need something to keep
themselves healthy. For this reason, they have invented the Yoga to make
a connection between their soul and body. Since then, Indians are
practicing it generation by generation. Learning Yoga in India will give you
the chance to learn from those traditional teachers who know the base of
Yoga. They will teach you about the traditional methods that give
relaxation to mind and body.
They welcome practitioners from all around the world.
One of the best things to choose India for your Yoga classes is, they
welcome people to learn Yoga from all around the world. Therefore,
despite your colour and creed, you can go to India to learn Yoga. The
teachers an ambience there is so warm that you will never feel as a nonIndian person. Teachers treat every person the same, and they do their
best to give maximum knowledge to the students. Not only this, but you
will also learn many traditional poses and traditional ways of Yoga in India.
So, if you are a non-India, don't hesitate to go to India for learning Yoga.
You will have friends from all around the world.
Because India is welcoming tourists all around the world to study Yoga,
you will meet many different people there. Due to this reason, you will
meet people from all around the world there. It will be a great opportunity
for you to understand different cultures and even learn different
languages by making friends with different people. In a home-like
environment, you will meet people that make you feel alive, and you will
not only learn Yoga in India. Instead, you will have a bunch of new friends
there. Making friends from different cultures will help people to learn and
understand different cultures and traditions. It will be vast your thinking
Cheaper rates
Another most beneficial thing to consider while studying Yoga in India is
cheaper rates. India will not charge much for people around the world to
come and learn Yoga. Rather, you will get the most amazing yoga skills by
spending lesser charges than you even think. India is a developing
country, and they know the struggle that one can exert to earn money.
This is the reason that the people of India value the worth of someone's
earning. The good thing about the value of money is, it will stop people
from charging extra credits from others. Same is the case with Indians.
Good posture
A very good result of performing daily Yoga is that it will improve your
posture. Are you the one who is going through back pain due to a poor
posture? In fact, many of us are facing this problem without even
knowing. The reason is, spending a lot of time sitting or standing has
affected our posture. Practicing Yoga daily will help you in correcting your
posture. There are many success stories of people who are facing severe
back pain due to the wrong posture, and they get relief by practicing Yoga.
A good posture will not only give you relief from back pain, but it will also
give you the confidence that you needs.
You can have the chance to visit historical places.
India is rich in culture and has a huge list of historical places. You can visit
Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Amer fort, Ajanta and Ellora caves, Virupaksha
temple, Konark temple, and many other such historical buildings. It is a
cherry on top. You can visit these places free while you are in India for
your Yoga classes. The beauty and richness of Indian culture will leave you
mesmerized. Many people who visited India have a huge list of stories to
tell about the historical places and culture. What else you want if you get
the chance to visit it all while taking your Yoga classes.
Good food and weather
India is one of the countries who enjoy all the four weather seasons. You
can enjoy the weather along with very delicious Indian food. The good
thing is, you can get to eat different styles of food at very economical
rates. Many Indian yoga centres have also managed outside yoga classes
to let people enjoy good Indian weather. It is very important to do Yoga
in an open place so that you can fill up your lungs with fresh air every time
you inhale and exhale while performing. Other than that, there are many
different benefits of practicing Yoga in open air like, it will help to improve
your concentration and provide you with the daily dose of Vitamin D.
Indian people are very famous due to their hospitability. You will not feel
an outsider while you are in India. People will give you a very warm
welcome, and let you enjoy their culture, foods, and weather. Rather than
leaving you alone, they will give you company at various places wherever
you visit. It is the case in Yoga classes too. It is not a matter for Indians
from where you belong, and they will give you a very warm welcome in
their country.
It is a good option to consider studying Yoga in India if you really want to
learn the base of Yoga. Indian yoga teachers have a vast knowledge in this
field, which will help you to learn what you want.