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Unfolding Different Types of Personal Protective Equipment

Unfolding Different Types of
Personal Protective
About Us
• Personal safety depends on an individual. You are the one
responsible for your own safety. We are going through hard
times in terms of pandemics and climate change. We are
supposed to take enough precautionary measures in order to
keep ourselves safe from such threats. Moreover, there are a
number of various PPE that help us in this practice of personal
Headgear or Helmet
• Head injuries are the most lethal and unforeseen ones. A
minor head injury may cost your life before even reaching for
the aid. Hence, Head Gears and Helmets should be worn
primarily in case you go to a place where injuries are highly
possible such as a construction site, etc.
• Shoes form a major component of personal safety
equipment kit. They keep us safe from any electric
shock or uneven path. The right pair of shoes would
even cause less fatigue at the end of the day.
• Gloves cover our hand, isolating them from any outward
infection or threat. They maintain a certain temperature,
which is soothing for our hands. Gloves are handy and
easy to use. Moreover, they keep us safe in extreme
weather conditions.
Eye Protection Glasses
• Our eyes are considered to be one of the most sensitive
organs of our body. Hence, we should be extra careful
when it comes to any injury to them. Eye protection
glasses are inevitable for personal safety. They keep our
eyes safe from any physical contact or undesiring
extreme view that may affect our eyesight.
Hearing Protection
• Hearing aids are essential for personal safety. Our ears are
sensitive to sudden loud noises, and they may cause
substantial damage to our ears. Moreover, there are
certain machines and construction works that suggest you
wear a hearing aid because such noise can erupt at any
Harness Lanyard
• Harness Lanyard comes handy when you work below
ground level. It is advised to wear a harness lanyard when
you work below 6 feet or more. They keep you under
control of the operator on the ground and ensure your
safety under such extreme conditions.
• Vests are essential in personal safety. They are like life jackets
that cover your upper body and keep it safe from any sudden
shocks or thrusts.
• You can look for all such personal protective equipment in
the UAE under Johnson Me. This company takes care of all
your PPE requirements under reasonable prices.
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