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Get Consult About Procedure For Court Marriage in Lahore

Court Marriage Procedure in
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Procedure of Court Marriage in Pakistan
Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan is legal as in other
countries. For the court marriage in Lahore you have to follow
the law for court marriage in Pakistan. In Pakistan both men
and women have the right to marry anyone of their choice. It
is clear from the law of judicial marriage in Pakistan that
anyone can marry anyone of the opposite gender of their
choice and courts in Pakistan are legally obliged to protect
those who have been married.
In Islam, marriage of a court is permissible
and it is in accordance with Islamic laws in
Pakistan and other parts of the world. In
Lahore, court marriages in Pakistan take
about 2 to 3 hours and full legal protection
is provided to the spouse so that there is
no illegal action against them.
Requirements For Court Marriage in Pakistan
We need copies of both male and female ID cards for court marriages in
Pakistan, also two pictures of men and women are also required for the
record. The procedure of court marriage in Pakistan only takes about 2
hours and we have made the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan very
easy for our clients. All you need to do is contact us at least one hour
before you decide to marry your court so that we can make arrangements
and finish your work on time. According to Islam, the age of marriage is the
age of puberty and according to the law the age of majority is. The majority
is 18 years of age and puberty is when men and women are able to have
Law Firm For Court Marriage
Nazia Law Associates is the best law firm in Lahore Pakistan for court
marriage in Lahore by the legal process according to the Pakistani law for
court marriage. After preparing the legal documents, our specialist family
lawyer in Lahore will call a certified spouse who will arrange your marriage
in accordance with Islam and the law and then take you to court where he
will done your court marriage with your legal documentation procedure.
Advocate Nazia CEO of Nazia Law Associates is the professional court
marriage lawyer in Lahore. She knows the legal and easy procedure for
court marriage in Lahore. Court marriage procedure in Pakistan is very
simple as you just need to fulfill some of the requirements for procedure of
court marriage in Pakistan. If you have any questions on how to conduct
court marriages in Pakistan, you can call Advocate Nazia directly.
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