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Annotated Bib assignment sheet (1)

Intro to College Writing
Spring 2020
Annotated Bibliography
In an annotated bibliography, a writer “annotates” sources that she or he has researched. What
is annotation in this context? It is the process of briefly summarizing, evaluating, and/or
reflecting on sources that you have read for yourself and sometimes for other academic
purposes. The format that an annotated bibliography takes depends on the purpose of and
intended audience for the document. For our purposes in Introduction to College Writing,
please adhere to the following guidelines and other supporting examples for your annotated
Main Task: Find, review, and complete formal annotations for at least 6 academic sources
relevant to your approved topic and research question.
Follow these guidelines for academic sources:
1. Annotated sources must be credible and varied. At least 3 of your sources must come
from peer-reviewed articles in online databases. 2 sources must come from credible
internet sites that pass the standard evaluation tests (see guideline #2). The remaining
source can be a credible academic source of choice. College-level sources are typically
published by government agencies, professional or scholarly journals, reputable news
organizations or written by a known expert/organization in the field.
2. Non-database sources must pass either the ABCDE evaluation or the CRAAP test.
Sources must pass at least 2 of 5 criteria to be considered credible. You will note the
credibility factors on your annotation entry template.
3. Use the Annotated Bibliography template provided to you in gClassroom for each
source that provides relevant information for your research question. Do NOT use any
other annotation format for this project.
4. Bibliographical entries / citations: For each source listed, a student must make a
satisfactory effort to provide complete bibliographical information formatted correctly
according to the MLA 8th edition style manual. (See the UW-Madison Writing Center’s
MLA citation handout OR the Hacker Pocket Style Manual, p.134-173.)
5. All annotation entry sources must also be compiled in a separate Works Cited page that
follows MLA style guidelines (Hacker, 171, 173). For example, your "Final" draft is
doubled spaced throughout, appropriate headers used, sources & their annotations are
presented in alphabetical order, etc. You may be asked to do several formatting
6. Adhere to the Research Project Timeline of Tasks provided in gClassroom.