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Dubai Disinfection Drive to Fight Covid-19 Spread (1)

Dubai Disinfection Drive to
Fight Covid-19 Spread
• It has almost been 100 days since the World Health Organization
(WHO) was alerted by a mystery disease preying over people in
Wuhan on 31st December 2019, and the rest is history.
The mystery disease turned up to be a life-threatening pandemic
outbreak, risking everyone around the globe. As the contingency of
casualties increased, Dubai went on an indefinite lockdown with an
11-day massive disinfection Dubai campaign, a mission covering at
least 95 roads and almost all public spots around the city.
In an attempt to prevent the spread of corona-virus, the Dubai
Municipality has launched an intensive disinfection drive in all the
public areas and streets. The leisure spots and public places have
been entirely shut down to carry forward the sanitization process.
Sterilization of Streets
• The authorities have assured the public that they are
implementing a comprehensive strategy to fight the
pandemic. The strategy includes sterilization of densely
populated streets, and the government has instructed people
to practice social distancing and maintain proper hygiene to
avoid the contraction of the disease. The government will
enforce the latest techniques during street sterilization and
therefore has asked residents to stay off the streets during the
drive completely. The roads covered include:
• ●Naif St
●Al Rigga St
●Al Muraqqabat St
●Baniyas St
And many more densely populated streets.
Sanitization of Public
●Labour Accommodations:
The DM issued a circular that clearly stated the sanitization of
bathrooms, washbasins, chairs, showers, worker's equipment,
meeting rooms, etc. to be cleaned thoroughly by labor
accommodation operators to avert the hazards of disease
contraction. Also, the workers have been urged to use hand
sanitizers to maintain self-hygiene.
●Residential and Public Buildings:
The residential and public buildings are a hub for disease
contraction as multiple people are visiting and leaving the
premises with different types of health conditions. Therefore,
the DM ordered to clean and sterilize fundamental public spots
shared by all in such places as the water taps, elevator buttons,
doors and handles, swimming pools, and kid's playing areas.
●Personal Care Centers:
One of the significant places of social gathering is the personal
care centers where most people visit. Hence their sanitization
becomes necessary. As per the DM's order, the personal care
centers were cleaned thoroughly to prevent further damage and
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