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In the past, people believed that you have had a degree in order to start a career with good prospect.
We used to think not having a degree would condemn you to a job of service sector. But now the job
market is extremely competitive and trainees are finding that it’s a qualification they gain through
technical courses rather than degree courses that can help make them employable.
The fact is nowadays there’re a plenty of jobs that offers living wages and they don’t require a degree.
Some of these occupations are familiar for example a carpenter creating things for the home. But
there’re also some new jobs on the list largely thanks to our interest in the environment. One example
would be a solar panel installer.
In the past, we used to talk about blue-collar and white-collar jobs to differentiate between manual
labor and working in an office. Now we might refer to these new jobs as “chrome collar” for those
working as a technician in very field or “green collar”, jobs to do with clean energy or the environment.
These new areas these job vacancies are now. And students who are not academically will do well to
pursue one of these new career paths rather than stick to conventional ones.
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